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Donald Antrim and the Art of Anxiety

A profile of the novelist, who is surprised to be alive.

Tuesday, September 16


Disrupters, Disconnectionists, and Dicks

On the host of MTV’s Catfish and his new book.

Monday, September 15


Lena Dunham is Not Done Confessing

On the writer’s new book and tell-all style.


The Last Amazon

On Wonder Woman’s feminist past.

Friday, September 12


Ryan Adams Finally Finds His Way Home

The alt-country wunderkind turned walking disaster finds peace at 39.

Thursday, September 11


The Eternal Paternal

On Bill Cosby’s complicated family life.


The Story That Tore Through the Trees

On Norman Maclean’s Young Men and Fire and its lingering effects on our collective imagination and environment.

Sunday, September 7



A gospel singer comes out.

Thursday, September 4


Joan Rivers Always Knew She Was Funny

“People always ask Rivers why she doesn’t just retire, enjoy her old age. ‘But they don’t get that I love it,’ she says. ‘All I ever wanted was this. I’m lucky, you idiots.’”


Guitar Drag

The author reflects on a ballad of racial injustice.

Tuesday, September 2


Interview: Bill Hader

“I did a few days on Franco’s As I Lay Dying, and the vibe on the set was very heavy and serious. The only thing I can equate it to is tripping with a bunch of your friends.”


Why I Write

An essay on motivation.