John Madden Hockey

The making of an all-time great video game.

Thursday, March 26


The Ad-Rock Retirement Plan

The former Beastie Boy, 48, tries to figure out what’s next.

Wednesday, March 25


Life Lines

Lonnie Sue Johnson is an artist who can’t retain a memory for longer than a minute or two.

Monday, March 23


The Undiminished Charisma of Sarah Lucas

The British artist, a contemporary of Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin, has been called “the most unabashedly all-balls-out, rock ‘n’ roll” of her generation.

Thursday, March 19


The Woman Who Froze in Fargo

A woman thought a Coen brothers movie was a “true story” and tracked it to her death. Now someone’s made a fictional film about her, further blurring the lines between reality and artifice.

Wednesday, March 18


Harper Lee’s Forgotten True-Crime Project

Many people hoped that this would be the second book she’d publish.

Tuesday, March 17


Desperately Seeking Susan

Being friends with Susan Sontag was thrilling, but also “shot through in the end with mutual irritation.”

Monday, March 16


Happy Ugly Feet

What’s behind the cyclical fashionability of the monstrously ugly Birkenstock?

Saturday, March 14


Beloved Monster

The writer Alfred Chester, who died alone in a Jerusalem apartment in 1971 at just 37, was brilliant. He was also insane.

Thursday, March 12


The Brief, Extraordinary Life of Cody Spafford

He was a fixture in the kitchen of one of Seattle’s most celebrated restaurants, with plans to move to New York City to further his career. Then he robbed a bank.

Wednesday, March 11



Besieged by pirates, and youngsters unused to paying to watch sex, the porn industry just isn’t what it used to be.