Friday, April 17


Sally Mann's Exposure

In 1992, a magazine story introduced the world to the photographs of Sally Mann. Here, she responds to the firestorm that article produced.


Being Ringo Starr

Life behind the Beatles curtain, with the man whose real name is actually Richard Starkey.

Thursday, April 16


The Perils of Pauline

One famous critic (Adler) takes another (Pauline Kael) to task for a collection of reviews that is “without Kael- or Simon-like exaggeration, not simply, jarringly, piece by piece, line by line, and without interruption, worthless.”

Wednesday, April 15


This Magic Moment

David Chase, the creator of The Sopranos and director of the series finale, analyzes the final scene shot-by-shot.


Lou Reed’s Sister Sets the Record Straight About His Childhood

On his anxiety as a teenager, the treatment he was given for it, and the way that the psychiatry of the day failed his family.

Tuesday, April 14


A Tale of Two Poets

On the parallel sadness of Thom Gunn and Elizabeth Bishop.

Monday, April 13


The Movie Star and the Missing Totem Pole

John Barrymore once had a totem pole on his Beverly Hills estate. But where did it come from?


The Art of Fiction No. 124: Günter Grass

An interview with the author, who died Monday.

Friday, April 10


The Eeriness of the English Countryside

Why do all those rugged coastlines, moors and stone buildings make England seem haunted?


Jonathan Franzen's Big Book

Before The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen was just another literary novelist with a new book coming out.

Wednesday, April 8


On the Road with Hannibal Buress, Comedy's Most Respected Slacker

A portrait of a comedian in the moment just before he becomes huge.