Sunday, January 18


The Definition of a Dictionary

Merriam-Webster is revising its most authoritative tome for the digital age. But in an era of twerking and trolling, what should a dictionary look like?


That Drifting Place

An ode to Roy Orbison.

Wednesday, January 14


My Life Under Armed Guard

Since exposing the Neapolitan mafia by publishing Gomorrah at age 27, Roberto Saviano has lived for nearly a decade under armed guard, shuttling between anonymous hotels and army barracks.


The Broad Strokes

On the appeal of Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

Sunday, January 11


The Art of Fiction No. 90: Robert Stone

An interview with the novelist, who died on Saturday.

“There’s only one subject for fiction or poetry or even a joke: how it is. In all the arts, the payoff is always the same: recognition. If it works, you say that’s real, that’s truth, that’s life, that’s the way things are. ‘There it is.’”

Friday, January 9


A River Runs Through It

A biography of Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Lady Studios.

Wednesday, January 7


Scare Tactics

Michel Houellebecq on his controversial new novel, Submission, which imagines France electing its first Muslim president.


The Wanderer

Noah Lennox—better known as Panda Bear—has lived in Lisbon for a decade. How has the Portuguese capital shaped his life and work?

Tuesday, January 6


Portraits From a Life Shaped By Music

"Here’s God’s truth about it: being a groupie wasn’t about sex, it was about access. I wanted to live in the stage life, dazzled by color and sound, constantly in motion, driven by excitement and power, loved by the stage lights, part of the story."

Sunday, January 4


The Art World’s Patron Satan

Stefan Simchowitz has supported dozens of emerging young artists. Why do so many people hate him?

Friday, January 2


The Mystery of Marsha Mehran

The best-selling young novelist lay dead in a trash-strewn cottage on Ireland’s rugged coast for over a week before she was discovered.