Friday, December 12


Dasher’s Deliverance

Kylee Kimbrough lost her childhood, lost her sobriety, lost her living situation, and finally even lost her son. Then she found the drums.

Wednesday, December 10


Livin' Thing: An Oral History of Boogie Nights

The making and near unmaking of Paul Thomas Anderson’s breakout film.

Tuesday, December 9


The Secret Handshake

The short-lived literary career of Breece DʼJ Pancake and his roadmap to a world of oppressive poverty.

Thursday, December 4


Tilda Swinton Is in a World of Her Own

On the actress’s stellar year.

Monday, December 1


Chris Rock Talks to Frank Rich

On Ferguson, Cosby, and what ‘racial progress’ really means.

Sunday, November 30


Wednesday, November 26


New York Is Killing Me

A profile of Gil-Scott Heron.

Tuesday, November 25


Shady XLII: Eminem in 2014

The rapper who never grew up.

Previously: "The Zen of Eminem," Zadie Smith's 2005 profile for Vibe.

Monday, November 24


Downtown Is for People

On the then-new phenomenon of dead downtowns.

It is not only for amenity but for economics that choice is so vital. Without a mixture on the streets, our downtowns would be superficially standardized, and functionally standardized as well. New construction is necessary, but it is not an unmixed blessing: its inexorable economy is fatal to hundreds of enterprises able to make out successfully in old buildings. Notice that when a new building goes up, the kind of ground-floor tenants it gets are usually the chain store and the chain restaurant. Lack of variety in age and overhead is an unavoidable defect in large new shopping centers and is one reason why even the most successful cannot incubate the unusual--a point overlooked by planners of downtown shopping-center projects.

Sunday, November 23


Friday, November 21


The Real Lolita

The story of 11-year-old Sally Horner’s abduction changed the course of 20th-century literature. She just never got to tell it herself.

Previously: Vladimir Nabokov's 1964 Playboy interview.

Punch a Hole in the Sky

An oral history of The Right Stuff.