Wednesday, February 18


Daniel Knox Gives Our Derelicts the Beautiful Music They Deserve

One day you’re teaching yourself to play the piano in hotel lobbies, the next you’re contributing a song to a David Lynch soundtrack.

Tuesday, February 17


Brother from Another Mother

Key and Peele try to make comedic sense of America’s confusions about race. Their secret? “Really, there’s no actual strategy.”

Monday, February 16


The Cabaret Beat

The article that kept the New Yorker alive was written by a debutante. Who happened to be married to Irving Berlin.

Sunday, February 15


The Third Revelation of Father John Misty

The many lives of Josh Tillman, who on the way to releasing one of the year’s best albums was “a defiant child of God, a broke dishwasher, a successful drummer, a Dionysian shaman, a failed poet, a drug-hoovering spiritualist, and a gleeful prankster.”

Saturday, February 14


On Sylvia Plath

She was not just a poet, she was an “event” in American literature all by herself.

Friday, February 13


Behind the Scenes of the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

In spite of the boiling-hot anticipation of its release, no one had much fun making this movie.

Wednesday, February 11


The Mystery of Mingering Mike

A draft dodger invents a pop music career for himself – without recording any songs.

Tuesday, February 10


Joni Mitchell, Unyielding

The singer-songwriter has a calico cat named Nietzsche.


The Company Man

The rise and fall of former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson.

Sunday, February 8


Some Different Ways of Looking at Selma

The dramatic liberties a much-heralded film takes with historical fact show how hard it is to get complexity onto the big screen.


The Reddest Carpet

The surreal pageantry of the North Korean Film Festival makes Hollywood look demure.

Friday, February 6


My Dad, the Pornographer

How the author’s father wrote over 400 pieces of “pirate porn, ghost porn, science-fiction porn, vampire porn, historical porn, time-travel porn, secret-agent porn, thriller porn, zombie porn and Atlantis porn.”