Tuesday, May 8


Delta Dawn

“There was no Delta blues before there were cheap, readily available steel-string guitars. And those guitars, which transformed American culture, were brought to the boondocks by Sears, Roebuck & Co.”


Not Nice

A profile of Maurice Sendak.

Saturday, May 5


How Chicago House Got Its Groove Back

A look at Chicago’s DJ culture in the ’90s.

One day in 1997, Sneak promised his friend and fellow Chicago DJ Derrick Carter a new 12-inch for Carter's label Classic, then spent hours fruitlessly laboring over a basic, bustling four-four beat. Finally, Sneak gave in and smoked the J he'd had stashed for later in the day. When he came back inside, he carelessly dropped the needle onto a Teddy Pendergrass LP, heard the word "Well . . . ," and realized, "That's the sample, right there." He threaded Pendergrass's 20-year-old disco hit "You Can't Hide From Yourself" through a low-pass filter to give it the effect of going in and out of aural focus, creating one of the definitive Chicago house singles.

Friday, May 4


Lay It Down, Clowns!

The Beastie Boys on tour in Los Angeles shortly after the release of their debut album, Licensed to Ill.

Thursday, May 3


The Oakling and the Oak

On “Poor Hartley,” the son of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Wednesday, May 2


Myths And Depths

A free-ranging conversation between music writers Simon Reynolds and Greil Marcus.

Tuesday, May 1


Colossal in Scale, Appalling in Complexity

On Norman Bel Geddes, pioneer of miniatures and maker of the “most iconic World’s Fair exhibit of all time.”

Saturday, April 28


How Samuel L. Jackson Became His Own Genre

A profile of the hardworking Samuel L. Jackson, whose movies have grossed more than any actor’s ever.

Wednesday, April 25


A Rumbling of Things Unknown

On Marilyn Monroe and the pains of post-war America.


The Sorkin Way

On the set of Aaron Sorkin’s new HBO show The Newsroom.

Tuesday, April 24


The Man Who Hacked Hollywood

How a lonely, self-taught hacker found his way into the private emails of movie stars – and into the underworld of the celebrity-skin business.


The Stalking of Korean Hip Hop Superstar Daniel Lee

The story of a bizarre—and bizarrely effective—smear campaign.