Saturday, July 27


Upon This Rock

A visit to the Christian rock Cross-Over Festival in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

Thursday, July 25


The Cult of Amazon

The “blood sport” of classical music reviews.

Wednesday, July 24


2001: A Space Odyssey — Discerning Themes Through Score and Imagery

A 22,000-word breakdown of Kubrick’s “odyssey portraying the span of millennia.”

Tuesday, July 23


The Hoboken Sound: An Oral History of Maxwell's

Remembering the indie rock club that The New York Times once said was “so New York that it’s in New Jersey.”

Wednesday, July 17


Adventures of a Man of Science

On literary manifestos, long-distance reading, and the egg of death.

Tuesday, July 16


Jack Handey Is the Envy of Every Comedy Writer in America

A profile of the writer behind “Deep Thoughts” on Saturday Night Live.

Monday, July 15


The Pixar Theory

Making the case that all Pixar movies exist on a cohesive timeline in the same universe dominated by a central theme: the battle between animals, humans and machines.

Sunday, July 14


The American Cloud

The “naked technological realities” of America’s heartland and how they power a “cosy coastal world of pretend farmers’ markets and happy cows.”

Thursday, July 11


Wanted: Macho Men with Mustaches

On the origins of The Village People.

Wednesday, July 10


The Chelsea Hotel Had Its Own Eloise

How Gaby Hoffman, who had roles in Field of Dreams, Uncle Buck and Sleepless in Seattle, survived child stardom.

Sunday, July 7


John Wayne: A Love Song

On set in Mexico with the Duke.

Thursday, July 4


The World Ends With a Handshake: Unraveling the Apocalypse of 'Southland Tales'

A Southland Tales fanboy goes down the rabbit hole with the movie’s director.