Friday, November 8


The Story Behind Why AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Fired an Employee in Front of 1,000 Coworkers

It mostly had to do with Patch, the executive’s hyperlocal and unprofitable baby.

Friday, November 1


The Prophet

A profile of personal finance guru Dave Ramsey, who built his biblically inspired get-out-of-debt empire on the premise “it’s within your power to not take part in recessions and the economic troubles facing American families.”

Tuesday, October 29


Marty Sullivan Figured Out How The World's Biggest Companies Avoided Billions In Taxes

A profile of the policy wonk who shone the light and turned the tide on overseas tax havens.

Sunday, October 27


Is Funeral Home Chain SCI's Growth Coming at the Expense of Mourners?

How Service Corporation International corporatized death, driving growth through everything from aggresive acquisitions, volume pricing on caskets and embalming fluid, a “strong flu season,” and pre-selling over $7.5 billion worth of burials.

Saturday, October 26


A Tale of Two Drugs

New medicines can cost hundreds of thousands of dolllars a year. Are they worth it? A look at how a pair of pharmaceutical compainies set their prices.

Friday, October 25


Wednesday, October 23


Facebook Feminism, Like It or Not

The capitalist evangelism of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In feminist manifesto.

Monday, October 21

Sunday, October 20


For $99, This CEO Can Tell You What Might Kill You

On the personal genetic sequencing company 23andMe and why their long time term strategy is collecting spit, not cash.

Saturday, October 12


I Got Hired at a Bangladesh Sweatshop. Meet My 9-Year-Old Boss.

“She taught me the tricks of trimming. She taught me to smile when my back ached. She taught me some Bengali words. Sab bhalo. It is all okay.”

Friday, October 11


The Secrets of Bezos

What it’s like to work for, compete against, and find out you’re the biological father of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. An excerpt from The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon.

Tuesday, October 8


The Andrew Wylie Rules

An interview with the literary agent about the state of the book industry and how, at least for him, it continues to be quite lucrative.