Monday, March 21


The Departed

On a November morning, Olympic rower and financial advisor Harold Backer left for a bike ride and never returned. His disappearance remained a mystery – until letters began arriving at the homes of his investors.

Tuesday, March 15


Drew Brees Has a Dream He'd Like to Sell You

It’s a multilevel marketing company called AdvoCare. Or maybe it’s a pyramid scheme.

Sunday, March 13


What Happens When the Surveillance State Becomes an Affordable Gadget?

Your local police department probably has a $400,00 device that listens in on cellphones. Soon your neighbor will be able to buy the same thing for $1,500.

Thursday, March 10


The Incredible Rise and Final Hours of Fracking King Aubrey McClendon

He made billions. He lost billions. He was fired as CEO of the company he created. And on March 2, just hours after he was accused of rigging oil deals, he died in a one-car crash.

Tuesday, March 8


The Patriot

Philanthropist and private equity mogul David Rubenstein is lauded for his patriotic donations, including half the cost of repairing the Washington Monument. He also helped save a controversial tax break billionaires love.

Saturday, February 27


How Mark Zuckerberg Should Give Away $45 Billion

The difficult business of spending money well.

Friday, February 26


Saturday, February 20


The Golden Generation

Why China’s super-rich send their children west.

Tuesday, February 16


The FBI vs. FIFA

How the feds flipped a corrupt American soccer official named Chuck Blazer and brought down the sport’s governing body.

Sunday, February 14


Oil Is the Cheap Date From Hell

On the parasitic relationship between oil and the stock market.

Thursday, February 11


The Wow Factor

How one billionaire owner outflanked two others and brought the NFL back to Los Angeles, doubling the value of his franchise.