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Saturday, July 26


Prized But Perilous Catch

Exploring the depths of the abalone black market.

Friday, July 25


Burger King Is Run by Children

The CEO is 32. The CFO is 28. Their startup is the second-largest burger chain in the country.

Thursday, July 24


Sequenced in the U.S.A.

A tenth of Kannapolis, North Carolina, residents were laid off after the local textile mill closed. A billionaire bought the mill and turned it into a mecca for biotechnology and life sciences research. Now many residents are human research subjects.

Tuesday, July 22


Dreams Incorporated

Living the Amway life.

Tuesday, July 15


The Inside Story of Rap Genius (Annotated!)

On a $40 million raise and a fired co-founder.

Saturday, July 12


The Voodoo of Lobster Economics

Following a lobster from sea to table.

Friday, July 11


Waiting for Dark

On Amir Taaki and Cody Wilson, two anarchists with a history of creating controversial software, and their dream of an economy based on untraceable, uncontrollable money.

Thursday, July 10


The Fall of the Sleaze King

Dov Charney’s struggle to keep control of American Apparel.

Wednesday, July 9


The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth

The 50,000-word story of Microsoft’s antitrust case.

Saturday, July 5


Twilight of the Pizza Barons

Tom Monaghan started Domino’s. Mike Ilitch started Little Caesers. Both became billionaires, both live in Detroit, both are now over 75. They’ve made very different decisions about how to spend their fortunes.

Monday, June 30


Stash Pad

How New York real estate became the new Swiss bank account.

Friday, June 27


This Internet Millionaire Has a New Deal For You

What happens after your goofy little company gets swallowed by Amazon.