Saturday, December 6


Time and Distance Overcome

Telephone poles began to appear around the same time that white Americans started lynching black Americans.


Good Kids, Bad City

Three men are exonerated, almost 40 years after a 12-year-old’s coerced testimony led to their murder convictions.

Friday, December 5


Their Town

On the border of Utah and Arizona, Mormon fundamentalists have long lived according to their own rules. When a former sect member and his family moved to the town where he’d grown up, they expected a homecoming. What they got was a war.

Thursday, December 4


How a Woman’s Rape at a Gay Nude Bar Sparked a Battle Over New Orleans’ Libertine Soul

In the gentrifying Bywater, the intertwined destinies of a legendary gay pool-bar and a woman who was drugged there.



On the 1934 lynching of Claude Neal, and the Florida town that kept the identity of those responsible a secret.

Tuesday, December 2


The Weight of Guilt

Inside the world of bass fishing cheaters.

Saturday, November 29


How Not to Get Away With Murder

Nancy and Frank Howard were happily married for three decades. Then he fell in love with another woman, embezzled $30 million, and hired a parade of inept hit men to kill his wife.

Wednesday, November 26


West End Boy

On Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik and the rise of Islamophobia in Norway.

Tuesday, November 25


Why It’s Impossible to Indict a Cop

An argument for how the system protects police.

Sunday, November 23


Wednesday, November 19


Inside the Gay Wing of L.A. Men's Central Jail

Spending time with the residents of K6G, the only gay wing in the entire American penal system.

Monday, November 17


Death by Deadline

How bad lawyering and an unforgiving law cost condemned men their last appeal.