Friday, January 29


The Great Whiskey Heist

How a distillery worker in Kentucky stole hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of bourbon, one barrel at a time.

Wednesday, January 27


Once Upon a Jihad

Life and death with the young and radicalized.

Tuesday, January 26


Baby Doe

Government agencies have been trying to protect children for nearly 200 years. They are still failing.

Sunday, January 24


The Dark Underside of the Show-Dog World

“He died like a dog, because he was a dog, but not just any dog.”

The mysterious death of a champion Irish setter.


"His Life Matters"

The story of Akai Gurley before he was killed by a New York City police officer.

Saturday, January 23


The Big Cow Con

Arno Smit bilked millions out of Tulare County dairy workers (and at least one wealthy widow). Then he disappeared.


Wednesday, January 20


Hidden Damages

After his daughter died in a terrorist attack, Stephen Flatow won an unprecedented judgment against her killers. Then he had to figure out how to actually collect.

Tuesday, January 19


The Man Who Solved His Own Murder

In 2006, Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian spy working for British intelligence, was poisoned. As he lay dying, he worked with detectives to find his killer.

Thursday, January 14


The Dragnet

After Daniel Rigmaiden was arrested for a multi-million dollar fraud, he didn’t argue that he was innocent. He wasn’t. But he couldn’t understand how he had been caught. Rigmaiden had covered his tracks meticulously — the only way the cops could’ve found him, he realized, was through some secret tracking device that they had never disclosed to the public.

Wednesday, January 13


Inside the Snitch Tank

What seems like a slam-dunk case against a mass murderer exposes widespread prosecutorial misconduct in Orange County.

Saturday, January 9


El Chapo Speaks

A secret meeting, and short Q&A, with the drug lord while he was still on the lam.