Sunday, November 8


The Cop at the End of the World

Neale McShane’s jurisdiction in the Australian Outback is roughly the size of the United Kingdom. He patrols it alone.

Friday, November 6


This Is Why NFL Star Greg Hardy Was Arrested for Assaulting His Ex-Girlfriend

On May 12, 2014, Nicole Holder told Charlotte police that she had been assaulted by Greg Hardy. He was arrested, charged, and convicted. Then the case was dismissed on appeal. After a season out of the league, Hardy is playing for the Dallas Cowboys. Owner Jerry Jones has called him a “real leader.”

This is the story, and the photos, of what happened that night.

Thursday, November 5


Satan in Poughkeepsie

In 1966, Anton LaVey introduced the world to the Church of Satan. The 1980s saw a “Satanic Panic” in the form of abuse charges brought against child-care workers and suburban parents. Today, the author joins a group of Satanists for afternoon tea at the church’s global headquarters in a “bland New York college town.”

Wednesday, November 4


A College Romance That Led to Murder

Thirty years ago, Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering fell in love as freshman at the University of Virginia. It was the same year Haysom’s parents were brutally murdered. Each says the other committed the crime.

Tuesday, November 3


Terror in Little Saigon

Five Vietnamese-American journalists were killed on American soil between 1981 and 1990. The prime suspects? Members of the National United Front for the Liberation of Vietnam, a group of former military commanders from South Vietnam.

Monday, November 2


Friend of the Devil

The writer reconnects with an old acquaintance who ten years earlier committed one of the most notorious crimes in New York history.

Thursday, October 29


The State v. Robertson

How one woman’s sexual assault by four University of Oregon football players in 1980 unwittingly led to the state’s expansive free speech protections.

Wednesday, October 28


Zola's Story

A stripping trip to Florida gone horribly astray told across 158 tweets.


American Horror Story: The Cecil Hotel

She was a Canadian student whose travels brought her to the cheap hotel on Skid Row. The only clue in her disappearance was a strange elevator video in which she peeks and then gestures with her hands down an unseen hallway.

Tuesday, October 27


The Deputy Who Disappeared

In 1998, a cop named Jon Aujay went for a run in the desert. He never came back. The department decided it was suicide, but that is not the only theory.

Monday, October 26


Who's the Alpha Male Now, Bitches?

On the manifestos that mass shooters leave behind.

Sunday, October 25


Karachi Vice

Life as a crime reporter in one of the most violent places in the world.