Monday, July 20


“These People Need to Know What We Have Gone Through”

To reduce recidivism, a program brings criminals face to face with their victims. The results aren’t always what you’d expect.


Stowaways and Crimes Aboard a Scofflaw Ship

Working on the high seas is always dangerous, but the Dona Liberta has a particularly bad reputation.

Saturday, July 18


You Just Got Out of Prison. Now What?

Life on the outside is full of unpleasant surprises for longtime inmates.

Friday, July 17


The Mysterious Death of a Doctor Who Peddled Autism ‘Cures’ to Thousands

After a lab linked to him was raided, James Jeffrey Bradstreet’s body was found with a bullet wound to the chest. His death was ruled a suicide, but other theories abound.

Thursday, July 16


Death of a Prosecutor

Alberto Nisman accused Iran and Argentina of colluding to bury a terrorist attack. Did it get him killed?

Wednesday, July 15


The Life of an Auschwitz Guard

Oskar Groening, an SS officer whose duties included counting confiscated money, describes his time posted to Auschwitz.

Editor's note: At age 94, Groening was convicted yesterday of 300,000 counts of accessory to murder and sentenced to four years in prison.

Sunday, July 12


The Hunt for El Chapo

How the world’s most notorious drug lord was captured.

Previously: Patrick Radden Keefe on the Longform Podcast.

Saturday, July 11


The Invisible Man

To date, more than 500 people have been killed by police in America. This is the story of one, Charly Keunang.

Friday, July 10


What Happened in Room 102

The case of Richard Glossip, whose failed Supreme Court challenge of execution methods now leaves him waiting for death. But he still insists he’s innocent.

Thursday, July 9


The Lost Girls

The Runaways, their manager Kim Fowley, and the rape of the band’s bassist, long kept a secret.

Wednesday, July 8


Spike Nation

What it’s like to be a first responder amid the rise of synthetic marijuana.


The Mob's IT Department

Two successful tech geeks slip into organized crime.