Friday, February 6


"I Wouldn’t Mind If He Was Executed"

The transcript of chats between Silk Road boss Ross Ulbricht and a man he believes to be a Hell’s Angel who agrees to supply “hitters” to carry out 5 assassinations.

Wednesday, February 4


The Shame of America’s Family Detention Camps

On the border, women and kids seeking asylum are being held in prisons.

Friday, January 30


The Gacy Files

Eight of serial killer John Wayne Gacy’s victims remained a mystery, 35 years after his conviction. One man made it his mission to identify them.

Our full archive of serial killer stories.


The Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland

A black 16-year-old lights a white, agender 18-year-old’s skirt on fire while riding the bus. Is it a hate crime? And what’s the appropriate punishment?

Wednesday, January 28


Boom: Inside a British Bank-Bombing Spree

They were an ordinary pair of small-time criminals in the UK. Then they figured out how to blow up an ATM.

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Tuesday, January 27


Longform App Exclusive: "Once Upon a Jihad"

Today we've got another incredible Longform App Exclusive to share, thanks to our friends at Newsweek Insights, who have made their latest book available free only to Longform readers.

Published in the immediate aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo assassinations, "Once Upon a Jihad" examines the question of what drives young people to radical causes. Alex Perry follows a group of young British Muslims, radicalized through contacts made online, and shows how their normal teenage vulnerabilities are exploited with catastrophic consequences. A journey that begins at home with "looking the part" ends in martyrdom in a far away city.

We at Longform have been big fans of Perry's work for years, and we're honored to feature his latest book. To read it in full, for free, download the Longform App today.

Monday, January 26


Your Son is Deceased

Albuquerque has one of the highest rates in the country of fatal shootings by police, and no officer has been indicted.

Sunday, January 25


The Billionaire's Bad Dream

Nearing the end of his career, a Canadian tycoon named Michael DeGroote went for one last deal, investing $100 million to build a Las Vegas in the Dominican Republic. His partners? Two brothers with a criminal past, a con man and an old friend with close ties to the mob.

Friday, January 23


Defending Those Accused of Unthinkable Crimes

On the lawyers who defend Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Jared Loughner and Whitey Bulger.


Spy in the Machine

NSA-grade spyware is up for sale, and the world’s worst dictatorships are buying.


'That's Not All!' Kevin Trudeau, The World’s Greatest Salesman, Makes One Last Pitch

A profile of the best-selling author, self-help guru and convicted felon.

Thursday, January 22


The Story of Diana: The Making of a Terrorist

How a woman born of wealth and privilege tries to bomb the establishment from which she came and ultimately dies in the process.

This Pulitzer-winning series is reprinted online in full and for the first time by Longform.