Monday, April 6


The Price of a Life

Being exonerated for a crime you didn’t commit is a hard-won triumph. But how can the state make up for what you’ve lost while in prison?

Saturday, April 4


The Brothers

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s friends didn’t realize what he’d done until they saw his image on television.

Excerpted from The Brothers: The Road to an American Tragedy.

Friday, April 3


Level 14

A home for troubled children in California comes undone.


The Divine Inspiration of Jim Jones

The rise of the Peoples Temple through the lens of an earlier group: Father Divine’s Peace Mission.

Wednesday, April 1


The Curious Case of Sidd Finch

A profile of a previously unknown rookie pitcher for the Mets who dropped out of Harvard, made a spiritual quest to Tibet, and somewhere along the line figured out how to throw a baseball much, much faster than anyone else on Earth.

Tuesday, March 31


The Great Cocaine Treasure Hunt

A man in Puerto Rico stumbles on a brick of cocaine, and rather than sell it he decides to bury it. Others, hearing his story, cook up a plan to retrieve it.


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, The Boston Marathon Bomber, Has the Most Ferocious Lawyer in America Defending Him

A profile of Judy Clarke, the publicity-shy anti-death-penalty attorney, who has defended the Unabomber, Susan Smith, and Jared Loughner.

Monday, March 30


The Right to Remain

The events that led the writer to spend 60 days in jail.

Sunday, March 29


The Deadly Global War for Sand

Paleram Chauhan, a 52-year-old Indian farmer, was shot dead during the summer of 2013. The reason: his opposition to a gang of criminals stealing his village’s sand to sell on the black market.


The Monster Next Door

Beatrice Munyenyezi told her New Hampshire neighbors that she was refugee from the Rwandan genocide. Half of that was true.

Friday, March 27


Did the Princeton Preppy Murder His Hedge-Fund Dad?

Tommy Gilbert seemed like your average Beekman Place ne’er-do-well son—until his dad turned up dead.


The Radical Humaneness of Norway's Halden Prison

The Scandinavians had an idea that seems wacky to Americans: make a prison safe and livable.