Tuesday, February 5



Visiting a lost friend.

Monday, February 4


A Loaded Gun

The haunted past of Amy Bishop, a University of Alabama neurobiologist who shot six colleagues during a staff meeting.

Saturday, February 2


The Order of the Solar Temple

The bodies in the chalet were found in a secret chamber, arranged radiating out from a point like spokes in a wheel. Some had suffocated, some had been shot. They all were followers of a mysterious prophet, Luc Jouret.

Friday, February 1


The Transformation of Johnny Spain

The early life of “the onetime Black Panther, protégé of George Jackson, and sole member of the San Quentin Six convicted of murder.”

Tuesday, January 29


Trying to Unlock the Secrets of a Dead Serial Killer

Israel Keyes confessed to multiple murders, but committed suicide before revealing all the details.


The Big Cigar

How Bert Schneider, a well-heeled Hollywood producer with a coke problem and a soft spot for radical politics, smuggled Huey Newton, the leader of the Black Panthers who was awaiting trial on a murder charge, into Cuba in 1974.

Monday, January 28


Aarushi Talwar Murder: The Inside Story of India’s Most Controversial Trial

Almost five years ago, the author’s 13-year-old niece was murdered in her bedroom in suburban New Delhi. Since then, both of her parents have spent time in jail. Evidence, bungled by police, points to another possible killer. The trial has not yet begun.

Saturday, January 26


James Bond and the Killer Bag Lady

In November 1985, a woman who appeared to be a homeless drifter staked out the offices of 80-year-old banker Nicholas Deak, waited until he returned from lunch, then executed Deak and his secretary. As police wrestled her to the floor, she said “Don’t hurt me. He told me I could carry the gun.”

Friday, January 25


Jailed for Success

Why Iran punished two leading AIDS doctors.

Thursday, January 24


The Price of a Stolen Childhood

Calculating restitution for victims of child pornography.

Wednesday, January 23


"I Will Ruin Him"

On being stalked in the age of the Internet.

Tuesday, January 22


Dead Sea Scrolls Go to Court

A scholarly dispute devolves into criminal impersonation.