Friday, November 1


A Yellow Card, Then Unfathomable Violence, in Brazil

What did soccer have to do with two brutal murders after a pickup game?


Should This Inmate Get a State-Financed Sex Change Operation?

The complicated case of Michelle Kosilek, a murderer fighting for sexual reassignment surgery.

Thursday, October 31


History’s Sinkhole

An examination of the Minutemen movement and death on the border.

Wednesday, October 30


Forensic Topology

How architecture has made Los Angeles a bank robber’s paradise.

Tuesday, October 29


The Girl in the Closet

Lauren spent six years of her childhood locked in a closet, starved and tortured by her birth mother and stepfather. Miraculously, she survived; that’s when her long road to recovery began.


Center of the Universe

Memories of a lovely afternoon with a serial killer.

Monday, October 28


Celebrity Scam Artist Arrested in New Orleans Before His Party Kicks Off

How Michael Manos, a.k.a. the Glam Scammer, a career con man who relied on a combination of fake reality TV shows and fake fundraisers to bilk people in Atlanta, Dallas, and D.C., finally got caught.

Friday, October 25


Ground Control to Mr. Meline

After a beloved teacher is murdered by his schizophrenic son, his colleagues and students pay him the ultimate tribute.


The Stolen Ones

The underground economy of child sex trafficking, and what happens after someone is rescued from it.

Wednesday, October 23


Lost Soul

The inspiring life and mysterious death of NBA player Bison Dele.

Saturday, October 19


The Art of Stealing

Last year, a group of young Romanians stole millions of euros worth of art from the Kunsthal museum in Rotterdam. They had previously only robbed homes and thought the artwork would be easy to sell. It was not. So they secreted it back home, where, in an effort to save her son, the leader’s mother burned it.

Friday, October 18


The Strava Files

After two cycling-related deaths, the social fitness network becomes a target.