Monday, July 8


40 Minutes in Benghazi

The story of the attack that killed U.S. ambassador J. Christopher Stevens, told from the persepctive of the security agents there to protect him.

Saturday, July 6


Manhattan Fold ’Em

How a high-stakes poker game that started at Tobey Maguire’s house became part of a $100 million gambling and money-laundering operation orchestrated by the Russian mob.

Friday, July 5


Where Did the Hockey Millions Go?

How a financial advisor for NHL players may have orchestrated a massive fraud.

Wednesday, July 3


Yrs. Truly, A Lincoln

On the grifter who made a living forging the signatures of American heroes.

Monday, July 1


History of the Loomis Gang

In 1802, horse rustler George Washington Loomis rode into Oneida County and built a mansion adjacent to an impenetrable swamp perfect for storing thieved goods. It was the beginning of the saga of the largest organized crime family in 19th century America.

Friday, June 28


Captive Audience

Listening to music in prison.


The Upside of Trauma

What good can come of tragedy.

Monday, June 24


The Finish Line

The heroes of the Boston Marathon bombing.


She Stole Another’s Identity and Took Her Secret to the Grave. Who Was She?

She was Becky Sue Turner, then Lori Erica Ruff. Now she’s Jane Doe.

Saturday, June 22


Friday, June 21


A Girl, Her Pimp, and Her Parents

A family turns to murder to save one of their own.