Saturday, December 8


The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond: Enemy of the State

On the U.S. government’s pursuit of a legendary hacker.

Friday, December 7


Escape to Alcatraz

On prison tourism.


Wednesday, December 5


Stagger Lee

Reverse engineering the details of a murder that took place in St. Louis on Christmas Night in 1895 from over a century of popular song.

Tuesday, December 4


The Smartest Girls in the Room

How an obscure Australian judge and a hard-charging lawyer put the S&P on trial for the global financial collapse.

Wednesday, November 28


The Devil and John Holmes

He was a nobody who became a porn star, a porn star who became a destitute freebaser, an addict who set up his dealer to be robbed, and finally witness to a retaliatory massacre at the house they called Wonderland.

Monday, November 26


The Truce on Drugs

In Colorado and beyond, a negotiated surrender in the war on drugs.

Thursday, November 22


The Lying Disease

On an affliction for the digital age, “Munchausen by internet.”

Monday, November 19


The Man Who Charged Himself With Murder

Trevell Coleman wasn’t sure whether he’d killed a man. But after 17 years, he needed to find out.

Tuesday, November 13

Saturday, November 10


When Thugs and Hustlers Ruled Dark Alleys

The gamblers and teenage cons who haunted New York City’s 60s-era all night bowling alleys.