Thursday, January 16


The First 48 Makes Millions Off Imprisoning Innocents

What happened when 21-year-old Taiwan Smart became the target of both police and a reality TV show.

Tuesday, January 14


Sabre Rattler

How a rogue p.r. man pulled a fast one on professional hockey.

Monday, January 13


A Dangerous Mind

The case of Gilberto Valle, “The Cannibal Cop,” and the line between criminal thoughts and action.

Saturday, January 11


The Hunt for Mukhtar Ablyazov: Banker, Criminal, Fugitive, Victim?

Searching for the alleged Kazakh Bernie Madoff.


The Downfall of India's Kidney Kingpin

How a self-taught doctor from Delhi cornered the black market in kidneys, building one of the world’s most lucrative organ-trading rings, until it all came crashing down.

Thursday, January 9


The Innocent and the Damned

Allegations of child sexual and Satanic ritual abuse overtake an Austin suburb.

Wednesday, January 8



Seventeen-year-old Israel Arenas Durán disappeared after being arrested near his home in Nuevo León. He is one of more than 25,000 who have gone missing in Mexico since 2006.

Monday, January 6


The World’s Best Bounty Hunter Is 4-Foot-11. Here’s How She Hunts.

The FBI couldn’t find Ryan Eugene Mullen. Neither could a trio of private investigators. Only Michelle Gomez knew where to look.

Sunday, January 5


Losing Aaron

Aaron Swartz, MIT and a father’s search for justice.

Saturday, January 4


Blood in the Sand

Investigating the murder of a Costa Rican conservationist.

Friday, January 3


Thursday, January 2


The Secrets of White Collar Prisons

Bernie Kerik and Jack Abramoff on “Club Fed.”