Thursday, January 2


Drugs, Diamonds, International Intrigue — You Won't Believe Two Hollywood Producers' Crazy Backstory

Did Remington Chase and Stefan Martirosian “orchestrate” a contract killing in Moscow?

Tuesday, December 31


“"Did Your Father Touch You?”"

In 1997, 8-year-old Chaneya Kelly reported that she had been raped by her father, Daryl Kelly, sending him to prison for up to 40 years. Since then, she’s wanted more than anything to take it back.

Monday, December 30


The Defense of a Jewish Collaborator

On Benjamin Murmelstein, the head of the council of elders at the Theresienstadt concentration camp.


A Mission Gone Wrong

A bungled operation in Honduras and the enduring ineffectiveness of America’s war on drugs.

Friday, December 27


How Britain Exported Next-Generation Surveillance

The rise of automatic number plate recognition and its real-world consequences.


The Heartbreak Boys of Coogee Beach

Eleven members of an Australian rugby club traveled to Bali. After a bomb went off at a nightclub, only five of them made it home.


Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet

How a 20-something made millions as an e-commerce hustler.

Friday, December 20


Concealed Carry: How Utah Became America's Gun Permit Mill

A journey through America’s convoluted gun laws.

Thursday, December 19


Tyler Hadley's Killer Party

He murdered his parents. Then he threw a party.

Wednesday, December 18


Searching For Mecca

Investigating the unsolved murder of Malcolm X’s grandson.

Monday, December 16


What Kind of Monster Wants to Shoot Up His School?

The case of a teenager who didn’t kill his classmates—but talked about it.


The Fall of the House of Tsarnaev

An investigation into the family of the accused Boston Marathon bombers.