Friday, April 5


All Politics Is Local

Covering an election in Peru’s largest prison.


The Divorce From Hell

"Five years, four judges, six lawyers, $400,000 in attorney and expert fees and costs, a child yanked back and forth, [and] petty arguing." Chronicling the slow end of one American marriage.

Wednesday, April 3


A Nightmare in Real Life

On the American teenager who was kidnapped by Islamic militants while on vacation in the Philippines.

Monday, April 1


Fog Count

What prison does to a man.

Sunday, March 31


Cruel and Unusual Punishment

On California’s three strikes laws.

Saturday, March 30


How Life of Spy Ben Zygier Unravelled

How a Mossad agent’s desperate bid to jumpstart his career led to the exposure of two top Hezbollah plants.

Thursday, March 28


That Other School Shooting

On former nursing student One L. Goh, who killed six people at Oikos University in Oakland, California, and what it means to the Korean immigrant community.

Tuesday, March 26


The Neverending Nightmare of Amanda Knox

Inside the most sensational murder in the history of study abroad.

Monday, March 25



Aaron Greene and Morgan Gliedman were young and in love and pregnant and partial to heroin and living in a Village apartment with a lot of heavy weaponry lying about. Then they were arrested, and their stories started to change.

Sunday, March 24


Fear on the Family Farm

After watching his father Sandy abuse his paralyzed former-jockey mother for years, Mat Crichton committed murder. Nearly the entire local farming community rallied in support of him.

Saturday, March 23


The Master

Robert Berman was a passionate and polarizing English teacher at the Horace Mann School. He is also accused of sexually abusing many of his devoted students.

Thursday, March 21


A Court Of No Appeal

How one obscure sentence upset the New York Times.