Wednesday, June 19


The Last Days Of Jam Master Jay

On the murder of Jam Master Jay.

Saturday, June 15


"Weaponize the Media": An Anonymous Rapper's War on Steubenville

What happens when a 26-year-old Kentucky resident decides to investigate a rape case from his computer.

Friday, June 14


Mercenary for Justice

How an informant helped authorities nab a notorious anti-abortion activist.

Thursday, June 13


The Long Con

The intertwined lives of an Oregon rancher and a Indiana fraudster.

Sunday, June 9


Friday, June 7


From the Bowels of Hell

On “Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez,who terrorized Los Angeles and San Francisco through a string of over 30 home invasion murders starting in 1984 and ending when he was recognized and apprehended by an angry mob.

Thursday, June 6


The Prospect

Montaous Walton couldn’t throw, catch or hit. But he wanted to be a ballplayer. And with the help of the internet, the media, and an ambitious young agent, that’s what he briefly became.


The Guilty Man

Twenty-six years after he was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of his wife, Michael Morton sees the real killer brought to justice in a Texas courthouse.

Wednesday, June 5


His Life as a Murder Suspect

The Yale professor suspected of murdering his student.


East Side Story

A murder case involving two young, privileged New Yorkers rivets the city.

Friday, May 31


How A War Hero Became A Serial Bank Robber

An Iraq War veteran assuages his PTSD with bank heists.

Tuesday, May 28


Allegation Ends Coach's Career

A college football coach is falsely accused of producing and possessing child pornography.