Tuesday, March 22


Up Against the Centerfold

What it was like to report on feminism for Playboy in 1969.

Wednesday, March 16


The Art of the Smear

A journalist on the troll who tried to destroy her.

Monday, March 14


The Last Lifestyle Magazine

How Kinfolk makes money while driving people crazy.

Friday, March 11


The Go-Between

Kate del Castillo, the actress who brought Sean Penn to Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, tells her side of the story.

Wednesday, March 9


Marcia Clark Is Redeemed

She was mocked for her clothes and for her hair. Tabloids published nude photos of her and covered her custody fight. The defense called her hysterical. The judge condescended to her. She lost. And then she became a punchline. Twenty years later, thanks in part to The People v. O.J. Simpson, Marcia Clark is finally being seen in full.

Friday, March 4


Tuesday, March 1


The Plot to Take Down a Fox News Analyst

Wayne Simmons was ideal conservative commentator. A former C.I.A. operative, he ate lunch with Donald Rumsfeld, took trips to Guantánamo aboard Air Force Two, and pumped the party line on Fox News. There was only one problem: Simmons had never been in the C.I.A.

Monday, February 29


Church Allowed Abuse by Priest for Years

The original article that inspired the movie Spotlight.

Friday, February 26


Bearing Witness to the Rise of ISIS

The story of freelance journalist Anna Therese Day.

Wednesday, February 24


Thursday, February 18


The Secret Lives of Tumblr Teens

Inside a world where a user named Pizza can amass millions of followers, transform internet humor, get caught peddling diet pills in get-rich-quick schemes, and have her blog shut down—all before graduating high school.

Monday, February 15


TMZ Redefines Celebrity Dirt

Harvey Levin runs a gossip site that operates like an intelligence agency.