Tuesday, January 6


Chasing the Cicada

Exploring the darkest corridors of the Internet.

Monday, January 5


Genius Idea

Can a company best known for explaining Kanye West lyrics and telling Warren Buffett to do unseemly things actually annotate the world?

Sunday, January 4


A Story of Perseverance

How ESPN anchor Stuart Scott battled cancer.

Saturday, January 3


Chris Harrison: The Reigning King of #BachelorNation

The Bachelor's host, Chris Harrison, is now a divorced bachelor himself. It turns out coaching single men is a lot easier than being one.

Thursday, January 1

Monday, December 29


King of Clickbait

How a young entrepreneur built a media empire by repackaging memes.

Saturday, December 27


Pam and Tommy

The untold story of the world’s most infamous sex tape, and how the Internet spread it faster than anyone expected.

Monday, December 22


How David Gregory Lost His Job

The inside story, involving low ratings, new ownership, suspected leaks, and a mandate that Meet the Press “loosen up.”

Tuesday, December 9


Sunday, December 7


You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong, You’re Definitely Wrong, and I’m Probably Wrong, Too

What it was like to edit The New Republic at its most contentious.

One of the little tweaks I made the first time I got the job was to change the slogan on the table of contents from “A Journal of Politics and the Arts” back to the original: “A Weekly Journal of Opinion.” All the fine reporting notwithstanding, what The New Republic did best, had always done best, was opinion. Its politics were polemical, its art was the art of argument.

Saturday, December 6


In and Out of Time in Iraq

An essay on PTSD.

Friday, December 5


Digital Darkness: When We Can’t Turn Away From Death Online

The author’s long-running relationship with the grotesque.