Wednesday, January 29

Longform Podcast #77: Dan P. Lee

Dan P. Lee is a contributing writer at New York.

"I don't believe in answers. That's what compels me to write all of these stories. None of them ends nicely, none of them ends neatly."

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Show notes:

  • @Dan_P_Lee
  • Lee on Longform
  • Lee's New York archive
  • [13:30] "Who Killed Ellen Andros?" (Philadelphia Magazine • Oct 2006)
  • [22:45] "Travis the Menace" (New York • Jan 2011)
  • [45:00] "Paw Paw & Lady Love" (New York • Jun 2011)
  • [48:45] "4:52 on Christmas Morning" (New York • Dec 2012)
  • [49:15] "The Camera's Cusp" (New York • Sep 2013)
  • [49:15] "Where It Hurts" (New York • Dec 2013)
  • [51:30] "The Good Seed" (GQ • Jun 2011)
  • [55:30] "'I Just Want to Feel Everything'" (New York • Jun 2012)
  • [1:04:00] "Welcome to the Real Space Age" (New York • May 2013)
  • Wednesday, January 22

    Longform Podcast #76: Roger D. Hodge

    Roger D. Hodge is the editor of Oxford American.

    "My career isn't all that interesting insofar as I've been an editor. I'm much more interested in talking about writers and stories. That's the main thing: telling these stories, creating this platform, this context for the best possible storytelling."

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    Show notes:

    1. @RogerDHodge
    3. [5:15] "Long Way Home" (Rosanne Cash • Oxford American • Nov 2013)
    4. [5:45] The River and The Thread (Rosanne Cash • Blue Note Records • 2014)
    5. [10:00] Sewanee Review
    6. [18:45] "Mean Season" (Adrian McKinty • Harper's • Sep 1997) [sub req'd]
    7. [26:00] "The Net Giveth, and the Net Taketh Away" (Suck • Dec 1995)
    8. [31:30] Longform Podcast #5: Paul Ford
    9. [37:00] "The Guantánamo 'Suicides'" (Scott Horton • Harper's • Mar 2010)
    10. [43:45] "Dear Charlie" (Joe Hagan • Oxford American • Nov 2013)
    11. [49:15] Southword Radio Series (Oxford American & National Public Radio)
    12. [53:45] "Carl the Raping Goat Saves Christmas" (Lucy Alibar • Oxford American • Nov 2013)

    Wednesday, January 15

    Longform Podcast #75: George Saunders

    George Saunders has written for The New Yorker and GQ. His latest collection of short stories is Tenth of December.

    "Maybe you would understand your artistry to be: put me anywhere. I'll find human beings, I'll find human interest, I'll find literature. And I guess you could argue the weirder, or maybe the less explored the place, the better."

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    Show notes:

    2. Saunders on Longform
    3. [5:00] Tenth of December (Random House • 2013)
    4. [8:45] "George Saunders Has Written the Best Book You'll Read This Year" (Joel Lovell • New York Times Magazine • Jan 2013)
    5. [22:45] CivilWarLand in Bad Decline (Random House • 1996)
    6. [29:30] "The Great Divider" (GQ • Dec 2006)
    7. [30:45] "The New Mecca" (GQ • Nov 2005)
    8. [33:00] "The Incredible Buddha Boy" (GQ • Jun 2006)
    9. [38:45] George Saunders's Advice to Graduates (May 2013)
    10. [47:00] "Tent City, U.S.A." (GQ • Sep 2009)

    Wednesday, January 8

    Longform Podcast #74: Jon Mooallem

    Jon Mooallem, a contributing writer at The New York Times Magazine, is the author of Wild Ones and American Hippopotamus, the latest story from The Atavist.

    "I'm terrible at writing nut graphs. I never know why people should keep reading. That's the menace of my professional existence, trying to figure that out. Because often you have to explain that to an editor before you even start, and I may not even know while I'm writing what the bigger point is."

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    Show notes:

    2. @jmooallem
    3. Mooallem on Longform
    4. [2:00] Longform Podcast #4: Jon Mooallem
    5. [3:00] American Hippopotamus (The Atavist • Dec 2013)
    6. [5:45] Wild Ones (Penguin • 2013)
    7. [11:00] Pop-Up Magazine
    8. [20:30] "Structure" (John McPhee • New Yorker • Jan 2013)
    9. [27:15] Burnham: King of Scouts (Peter van Wyk • Trafford Publishing • 2003)
    10. [32:15] Episode 91: Wild Ones Live (99% Invisible • Oct 2013)
    11. [40:00] "Who Would Kill a Monk Seal?" (New York Times Magazine • May 2013)
    12. [40:00] "There’s a Reason They Call Them 'Crazy Ants'" (New York Times Magazine • Dec 2013)
    13. [42:45] "Pigeon Wars" (New York Times Magazine • Oct 2006)
    14. [46:15] "What's a Monkey to Do in Tampa?" (New York Times Magazine • Aug 2012)

    Thursday, December 19

    Longform Podcast #73: Joe Sexton

    Joe Sexton is a senior editor at ProPublica and a former reporter and editor at the New York Times, where he led the team that produced "Snow Fall."

    "My experience in a newspaper newsroom over the years has been: The word you hear least often, the word that's hardest for people to say in that environment, is the word yes. It's safer to say no. You get second-guessed less often if you say no. Your job's not on the line if you say no. But if you're willing to say yes and you're willing to face the consequences of having said yes, then quite amazing things can happen."

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    Show notes:

    1. [6:00] "Snow Fall" (John Branch • New York Times • Dec 2012)
    2. [20:30] Longform Podcast #28: Joel Lovell
    3. [32:45] "Spitzer is Linked to Prostitution Ring" (Danny Hakim and William K. Rashbaum • New York Times • Mar 2008)
    4. [41:30] Jim Dwyer's Pulitzer Prize-winning columns
    5. [57:45] "Use Only as Directed" (Jeff Gerth and T. Christian Miller • ProPublica • Sep 2013)

    Wednesday, December 11

    Longform Podcast #72: Andrew Leland

    Andrew Leland is an editor at The Believer and hosts The Organist.

    "I think a good editor has a strong stomach for crazy assholes. Because often crazy assholes are really brilliant great writers."

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    Show notes:

    1. Leland's archive at the Oakland Standard
    2. Leland's blog, "Good Jobbbbbbbbb"
    3. [4:00] "Web Dreams" (Josh Quittner • Wired • Nov 1996)
    4. [5:15] 826 Valencia
    5. [5:45] A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius (David Eggers • 2001)
    6. [6:45] "E Unibus Pluram: Television and U.S. Fiction" (The Review of Contemporary Fiction • Jun 1993)
    7. [15:30] Interview with Laura Owens (Rachel Kushner • The Believer • May 2003)
    8. [17:45] "Rejoice! Believe! Be Strong and Read Hard!" (Heidi Julavits • The Believer • Mar 2003)
    9. [48:00] Wholphin archive
    10. [50:00] Please Vote for Me (Netflix)
    11. [56:00] Joe Frank Show

    Wednesday, December 4

    Longform Podcast #71: Jason Fagone

    Jason Fagone, a contributing editor at Wired and a writer-at-large for Philadelphia, is the author of Ingenious.

    "It seemed like all the big guys in American society had let us down, all the elites. And here was a contest that was explicitly looking to the little guy and saying, 'We don't care what you've done before or how much money you have in your pocket. If you solve this problem, you win the money.' There was something so optimistic and hopeful and cool about that to me."

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    Show notes:

    2. @jfagone
    3. Jason Fagone on Longform
    4. [2:15] "The Dirtiest Player" (GQ • Feb 2010)
    5. [11:45] Ingenious: A True Story of Invention, Automotive Daring, and the Race to Revive America (2013)
    6. [24:00] "High Times May Be the Most Influential Publication of Our Era" (The New Republic • Nov 2013)
    7. [24:45] "The Willy Wonka of Pot" (Grantland • Nov 2013)
    8. [25:30] Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis: An Expert Breeder Shares His Secrets (DJ Short • 2004)
    9. [48:30] "The Death (and Life) of the Philadelphia Weekly and Philadelphia City Paper" (Philadelphia • May 2012)
    10. [49:00] Breaking The News: How the Media Undermine American Democracy (James Fallows • 1996)

    Wednesday, November 27

    Longform Podcast #70: Amy Wallace

    Amy Wallace is an editor-at-large for Los Angeles and a correspondent for GQ .

    "I've written about the anti-vaccine movement. I love true crime. I've written a lot of murder stories. The thing that unites all of them—whether it's a celebrity profile or a biologist who murdered a bunch of people or Justin Timberlake—it's almost trite to say, but there's a humanity to each of these people. And figuring out what's making them tick in the moment, or in general, is interesting to me. In a way, that's my sweet spot."

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    Show notes:

    2. @msamywallace
    3. Wallace on Longform
    4. [7:00] "Justin Timberlake: #Hashtag of the Year" (GQ • Dec 2013)
    5. [12:15] "The Comedian's Comedian's Comedian" (GQ • Aug 2010)
    6. [20:30] "A Very Dangerous Boy" (GQ • Nov 2013)
    7. [35:15] "Mrs. Hughes Takes Her Leave" (Ron Suskind • Esquire • Jul 2002)
    8. [37:00] "Valley Girl Interrupted" (Los Angeles • Oct 2001)
    9. [44:30] "What Made This University Researcher Snap?" (Wired • Feb 2011)
    10. [44:30] "A Loaded Gun" (Patrick Radden Keefe • New Yorker • Feb 2013)
    11. [48:15] "Amen! (D'Angelo's Back!)" (GQ • Jun 2012)

    Wednesday, November 20

    Longform Podcast #69: Rachel Aviv

    Rachel Aviv is a staff writer at The New Yorker.

    "If I'm writing about the criminal justice system, I wish I were a lawyer. If I'm writing about psychiatry, I wish I were a psychiatrist. I have often filled out half my application to get a Ph.D in clinical psychology. That is one area where I am constantly on the verge of jumping the fence. But even when I wrote about religion, I thought I wanted to be a priest."

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    Show notes:

    2. @RachelAviv
    3. Rachel Aviv on Longform
    4. Aviv's New Yorker archive
    5. [2:00] "Netherland" (The New Yorker • Dec 2012) [paywall]
    6. [14:15] "Hobson's Choice" (The Believer • Oct 2007)
    7. [16:00] Madness and Modernism: Insanity in the Light of Modern Art, Literature, and Thought (Louis A. Sass • 1992)
    8. [16:00] The Center Cannot Hold: My Journey Through Madness (Elyn R. Saks • 2007)
    9. [19:30] Random Family: Love, Drugs, Trouble, and Coming of Age in the Bronx (Adrian Nicole LeBlanc • Nov 2003)
    10. [21:15] "The Imperial President" (The New Yorker • Sep 2013) [paywall]
    11. [22:30] "The Science of Sex Abuse" (The New Yorker • Jan 2013)
    12. [27:00] "Like I Was Jesus" (Harper's • Aug 2009)
    13. [27:45] "Local Story" (The New Yorker • Mar 2013) [paywall]
    14. [36:45] "Fat Fiction" (The Believer • Mar 2006) [paywall]

    Wednesday, November 13

    Longform Podcast #68: Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery

    Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery are the co-editors of Mother Jones.

    "We probably pay more attention to our fact-checking and our research than almost everybody in our industry. By the time we publish stuff, we make sure it's unimpeachable because people would like to impeach it."

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    Show notes:

    1. @MonikaBauerlein
    2. @ClaraJeffery
    4. Mother Jones on Longform
    5. [16:45] Mac McClelland's Mother Jones archive
    6. [18:00] "Follow the Dark Money" (Andy Kroll • Mother Jones • Jul/Aug 2012)
    7. [19:00] "School of Shock" (Jennifer Gonnerman • Mother Jones • Aug 2007)
    8. [21:45] "Secrets of the Tax-Prep Business" (Gary Rivlin • Mother Jones • Mar/Apr 2011)
    9. [26:45] "WATCH: Full Secret Video of Private Romney Fundraiser" (David Corn • Mother Jones • Sep 2012)
    10. [43:00] "Solitary in Iran Nearly Broke Me. Then I Went Inside America's Prisons." (Shane Bauer • Mother Jones • Nov/Dec 2012)

    Thursday, November 7

    Longform Podcast #67: Evan Wright

    Evan Wright, a two-time National Magazine Award winner, is the author of Generation Kill.

    "When people were killed, civilians especially, I realized I was the only person there who would write it down. I was frantic about getting names, and in the book there are a few Arabic names, some of the victims. Not that anyone cares. But I thought, 'At least somewhere there's a record of this.'"

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    Show notes:

    1. @evanscribe
    2. Wright on Longform
    3. [3:45] Generation Kill (2004)
    4. [10:00] "Scenes From My Life in Porn" (L.A. Weekly • Mar 2000)
    5. [12:15] A.J. Liebling’s New Yorker archive
    6. [14:15] "Big Red Son" (David Foster Wallace • Consider the Lobster • 1998) [pdf]
    7. [16:30] Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story: A Life of David Foster Wallace (D.T. Max • 2012)
    8. [18:15] Hella Nation: Looking for Happy Meals in Kandahar, Rocking the Side Pipe,Wingnut's War Against the Gap, and Other Adventures with the Totally Lost Tribes of America (2009)
    9. [28:00] "The Killer Elite" (Rolling Stone • Jul 2003)
    10. [30:30] Longform Podcast #64: Gay Talese
    11. [33:30] Wikipedia: Christopher Isherwhood
    12. [39:30] Karl Taro Greenfield on Longform
    13. [48:30] "Pat Dollard's War on Hollywood" (Vanity Fair • Mar 2007)
    14. [57:00] American Desperado: My Life—From Mafia Soldier to Cocaine Cowboy to Secret Government Asset (with Jon Roberts • 2011)
    15. [1:00:00] How to Get Away with Murder in America: Drug Lords, Dirty Pols, Obsessed Cops, and the Quiet Man Who Became the CIA's Master Killer (Kindle Single • 2012)

    Wednesday, October 30

    Longform Podcast #66: Andy Ward

    Andy Ward, a former editor at Esquire and GQ, is the editorial director of nonfiction at Random House.

    "How you gain that trust is a hard thing to quantify. The way I try do it is by caring. If you don't care about every word and every sentence in the piece, writers pick up on that. ... Ultimately, it's their book or their magazine article. Their name is on it, not mine. I always try to keep that in mind."

    Thanks to this week's sponsors: TinyLetter and EA SPORTS FIFA 14.

    Show notes:

    1. Andy Ward Picks His Favorite Articles
    2. @AndyWard15
    3. [31:00] "The Perfect Fire" (Sean Flynn • Esquire • Jul 2000)
    4. [33:00] "He Came from Outer Space" (Chris Jones • Esquire • Oct 2002)
    5. [40:45] Jim Nelson's Memo to GQ staffers when Ward left
    6. [42:30] "The Book of Me" (Richard Powers • GQ • Oct 2008)