Sunday, July 6


In NSA Net, Ordinary Web Users Eclipse Legal Targets

In the latest revelation from Edward Snowden, the U.S. government is shown to collect and retain massive amounts of data on nearly 900,000 people with the most minimal of connections to official NSA targets. The collected information tells our “stories of love and heartbreak, illicit sexual liaisons, mental-health crises, political and religious conversions, financial anxieties and disappointed hopes.”

Sunday, June 22


The Spirit and the Law

On the Becket Fund, a little-known firm that has become the leading force in the fight for corporations seeking a religious exemption from covering employees’ birth control.

Thursday, June 19


The Big Lobotomy

How the Gingrich-era brain drain crippled the government and led to last year’s shutdown.


Q&A With Larry Lessig On Why You Should Have Faith In Silicon Valley

The Harvard Law professsor on billionaires, politics and Uber.


The Unelectable Whiteness of Scott Walker

The formative years of the Republican star.

Wednesday, May 28


Shame and Survival

An essay on life as “the first person whose global humiliation was driven by the Internet.”

Thursday, May 22


The Case for Reparations

"Until we reckon with our compounding moral debts, America will never be whole."

Monday, May 12



Cory Booker, Chris Christie, and Mark Zuckerberg had a plan to reform Newark’s schools. They got an education.

Friday, May 9


President Chill

A profile of Uruguay President José Mujica, a former revolutionary who’s been shot six times, was imprisoned for 14 years and, since taking office, has shunned the presidential mansion in favor of a small farm while legalizing gay marriage, abortion and marijuana.

Tuesday, May 6


Radio Killed the Political Star

“Successful brand identities in the House and on talk radio have never before relied on such similar skill sets — there has never been so much politics in media, and media in politics.”

Saturday, May 3


Rwanda's Hunted

An investigation into allegations that Rwandan President Paul Kagame is assassinating exiled dissidents.