Saturday, April 11


The Lost City of Z

A mystery embedded deep within the Amazon.


The Dukes of Oxy

Doug Dodd was a drug kingpin in high school. And now, like the narrator of a Scorcese film, he wants to tell his own story.

Friday, April 10


The Eeriness of the English Countryside

Why do all those rugged coastlines, moors and stone buildings make England seem haunted?


Duel in the Sun

A look back at the two men whose neck-and-neck race electrified the 1982 Boston Marathon


Jonathan Franzen's Big Book

Before The Corrections, Jonathan Franzen was just another literary novelist with a new book coming out.


Lagos Must Prosper

The hopes, dreams and failures of Nigeria’s commercial capital.

Thursday, April 9


Jason Rabedeaux Was Here

The mysterious death of one of college basketball’s most promising coaches.


Robby Mook Just Took the Hardest Job in Politics

Meet a man who could be called the “Hillaryland Whisperer.”


Fiction Pick of the Week: "The Cigarettes"

A young boy, a pack of cigarettes, a looming summer.

"But he had found them. They were his, and he was going to smoke one or maybe three or four if that’s what he decided. And plus by himself, as in totally alone. And no one could stop him, no one, for that matter, would even know. He looked around again and saw the same—lazy cars and robins, the willow with its doves, an old man down the street, that was it, and sun and sky and breeze."


Upon Further Review

Darren Sharper was once an NFL star. He was also a serial rapist, one who law enforcement failed to stop.

Wednesday, April 8


On the Road with Hannibal Buress, Comedy's Most Respected Slacker

A portrait of a comedian in the moment just before he becomes huge.


Sight Unseen

The allure of invisibility.