Sunday, May 3


Killer Pharmacy

A steep discount on pharmaceutical drugs leads to a mass-murder case.

Saturday, May 2


Welcome to Manny's World

Pacquiao and his entourage.


The Fall of the Cherry King

Arthur Mondella took over his family’s maraschino cherry business reluctantly. But once he had it, he started a second enterprise. Behind an unmarked roll-down gate, behind some of his prized luxury cars, behind a pair of closet doors, behind a set of button-controlled shelves, behind a fake wall and down a ladder in a hole in the floor, Mondella built a 2,500-square-foot marijuana factory. When the police finally found it, he shot himself.


Selfless Portrait

The multimillionaire David Gundlach had trouble, all his life, reading social cues. For reasons no one quite understands, he left most of his fortune to Elkhart, Indiana.


How Hollywood Keeps Out Women

On the second-class status of women film directors.

Friday, May 1


Maple Syrup Rebellion

“Quebec is the Saudi Arabia of maple syrup,” and it has the authoritarian regulatory regime to prove it.


A Strangely Funny Russian Genius

“Russian humor is slapstick, only you actually die.”


Holy Water

The author on her reverence for water.


The Toughest Woman on Two Wheels

On Juliana Buhring, a former cult member who became the first woman to bike around the world.

Thursday, April 30


ZPM Espresso and the Rage of the Jilted Crowdfunder

What happens when a successfully funded Kickstarter product fails to launch?


Time, Gentlemen

The last all-male clubs in Britain are contemplating admitting women. But a significant proportion of their members still want to preserve the spaces as male-only.


Fiction Pick of the Week: The Electric City

A group buys the city of Detroit with lottery winnings.

"We stayed on our street all day for a couple of weeks, doing all the work we needed to do to convince people we weren’t a problem. We never got around to telling anyone that we’d bought the city, because we weren’t having the kinds of conversations where you’d bring that up. We told people we’d lost our jobs instead, that Detroit was cheap. They’d nod. We smoked up a lot and drank plenty of the lemonade stuff, which was yellow Crystal Light mixed with water and vodka."