Tuesday, February 3


To Steal a Mockingbird?

How Harper Lee was duped into signing away the rights to To Kill a Mockingbird, which still sells 750,000 copies per year, and how she’s fighting to get them back.


What Really Happened to Baby Johan?

A baby dies after hitting his head when his father drops him, and the investigation that ensues can’t offer any easy answers.


What Kind of Funny Is He? Under Kafka's Spell

Perhaps you didn’t know that in addition to being a very funny writer, Kafka’s life yields a lot of comedy too.

Monday, February 2


Home Sweet Homewreck

Renovating often involves additional, unforseen costs, but for one Toronto couple it ends in divorce – and death.


The Trip Treatment

A good trip on psilocybin might be just the ticket to relieve anxiety and depression, particularly in the terminally ill. But are we ready to dive back in to psychedelic research?


What Can a Pregnant Photojournalist Cover? Everything

The physical rigors of pregnancy tangle with the personal ambitions of a war photojournalist, without limiting her in the least.


Decoding The Starr Report

Ripping out the guts of an “utterly preposterous document”: the Starr Report on the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Sunday, February 1



One of Europe’s poorest countries wanted a road, so U.S. mega-contractor Bechtel sold it a $1.3 billion highway, with the backing of a powerful American ambassador. Funny thing is, the highway is barely being used—and the ambassador is now working for Bechtel.


Meet the Shaggs

From 1968-1973, the three teenage Wiggin sisters, guided by a domineering father, played their strange music at New Hampshire ballrooms and recorded a single album. The Philosophy of the World LP goes for over $500 today, but the intervening decades have not been kind to the Wiggins.


Tom Brady Cannot Stop

A season with the New England Patriots’ 37-year-old quarterback.

Saturday, January 31


Chris Ware: The Art of Comics No. 2

"Really, the ideas and theories we form about others and their motivations are just as much portraits of ourselves as they are descriptions of other people. It’s impossible for them to be anything else, when you think about it."