Thursday, March 19


The Science of Near-Death Experiences

Researchers do look into near-death experiences, seeking a verified case of what they call “apparently non-physical veridical perception.”


The Miami Connection

Billionaire Marcelo Claure wants to help David Beckham bring professional soccer to South Florida. He just doesn't want to talk about it.

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The Killer in the Blue Dress

While accused killer Robert Durst was in Galveston, he made a few friends besides Morris Black.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Maybe We Should Get Tattoos and Other Possibilities For Happiness"

Family problems and a myriad of solutions.

"I don’t know if my husband and I are on the way to church or a hangover. It is too early in the drive to tell. The first Thursday of every month, my husband’s sister comes over to watch the kids. They are too old for a sitter, but the older one keeps trying to kill herself and we don’t want to risk it. Always keep an eye on them, I tell my sister-in-law. Don’t leave them alone for a second, not even to ice a cake, organize a closet, dry the dishes, say a prayer."


The Woman Who Froze in Fargo

A woman thought a Coen brothers movie was a “true story” and tracked it to her death. Now someone’s made a fictional film about her, further blurring the lines between reality and artifice.

Wednesday, March 18


The Sting

The long arm of the DEA reaches into Liberia to bust a cocaine trafficker.


Harper Lee’s Forgotten True-Crime Project

Many people hoped that this would be the second book she’d publish.

Longform Podcast #133: Adam Platt

Adam Platt is the restaurant critic for New York.

“My job was described to me recently as ‘the last great job of the 20th century.’ I think there might be something to that.”

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Like a Prayer

Squeamish though they might be about God, even the totally irreligious can find some comfort in praying.


Rogue Wounds

A brief history of pretending to be sick.

Tuesday, March 17


Luminous Life

In the deep ocean, a swimming sea-worm called a “green bomber” can throw sacs of light when attacked.


The Accident

An essay on a fatal car crash in the author’s youth.