Wednesday, September 24


Inside the Secret Life of Ronald Stan

Jeff Walton is a 69-year-old plumber with a wife and 35-year-old son. It turns out he’s also Ronald Stan, a Canadian man who faked his own death in 1977.

Longform Podcast #110: Chris Hayes

Chris Hayes hosts All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC and is an editor-at-large for The Nation.

"The instability was so intense and the anguish and frustration were so intense that there wasn’t a ton of time to think through, 'Well, what is my role in this?' Mostly it was: wake up in the morning after two or three hours of sleep and start going to stuff, talking to people, and keep doing that until the show happens."

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The Body Electric

What it’s like to be struck by lightning.


Disappearing Darkness

On America’s vanishing night sky and life in perpetual light.

Tuesday, September 23


Ted Kennedy on the Rocks

A sober look at the Senator.


The Fight of Their Lives

ISIS vs. the Kurds.


Larry Ellison Bought an Island in Hawaii. Now What?

How the tech billionaire came to own 87,000 acres, three hotels, a wastewater treatment plant, a cemetery and 380 cats.


When No Gender Fits: A Quest to Be Seen as Just a Person

“Kelsey’s gender identity is ‘non-binary.’ Or, ‘agender.’ It’s what Kelsey feels comfortable with, even though the world keeps insisting, in a million little ways, that Kelsey has to choose.”

Monday, September 22


Zero Percent Water

Scenes from the California drought.


Meet the College Women Who Are Starting a Revolution Against Campus Sexual Assault

The survivors who “have built the most effective, organized anti-rape movement since the late ’70s.”