Sunday, December 14


The Minister Who Went to Jail for Financial-Aid Fraud

Ozel Clifford Brazil was a respected clergyman who helped thousands of African-American teens go to college. He broke the law to do it.


The Chinese Government Is Getting Rich Selling Cigarettes

How the China National Tobacco Corp., which manufactures 2.5 trillion cigarettes per year, came to make more money than Apple.


Grouses of the Holy

An interview with Jimmy Page on nostalgia, Robert Plant, and why he would only publish an autobiography after he dies.

Saturday, December 13


The Walking Cure

On Cheryl Strayed and why Wild became a hit.


The Trenchcoat Robbers

They robbed 27 banks in 15 years, one of the most prolific streaks in American history. Then they slipped up.


The Brotherhood of Recovering Addicts

Life inside a pair of small-town boarding houses.


Inside Monopoly's Secret War Against the Third Reich

Christopher Clayton Hutton hatched a plan to deliver Monopoly boards to British prisoners of war. The games were advertised as a diversion, but really they offered a way out.

Friday, December 12


The Making of a Narco State

Following the money and the opium in Afghanistan.


The Untold Story of the Doodler Murders

San Francisco’s forgotten serial killer.

Elon Green is a Longform contributing editor.

Dasher’s Deliverance

Kylee Kimbrough lost her childhood, lost her sobriety, lost her living situation, and finally even lost her son. Then she found the drums.


An Interview with Dan Savage

Talking with the most read—and most controversial—sex columnnist today.