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Monday, February 25


The Dean of Corruption

On Cecilia Chang, the St. John’s fundraiser who committed suicide after being convicted of fraud, and the university administrators who benefited from her crime.

Sunday, February 24


Mad Max

A profile of Max Wade, a Marin County teenager on trial for stealing Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini and using it in the first drive-by in the history of Mill Valley, California.


Sun Myung Moon's Lost Eco-Utopia

Before he died, Sun Myung Moon, cult father to massive Unification Church (known better as the Moonies), sent 14 Japanese “national messiahs” deep into the Paraguayan jungle to build an utopian “ideal city.” Thirteen years later, the author catches a trading boat down river in search of their hidden town.

Saturday, February 23


The Runner

A profile of 101-year-old marathoner Fauja Singh.


Leaving the Witness

A lifelong Jehovah’s Witness moves to China to proselytize.

Friday, February 22


Meet the World's Top NBA Gambler

Bob Voulgaris and his math prodigy sidekick attempt to create the perfect betting algorithm.


The Princess and the Trolls

How Adalia Rose, a six-year-old with an early-aging disorder called progeria, became both an Internet celebrity and the target of online vitriol.


When Brain Damage Unlocks the Genius Within

The science of acquired savant syndrome.


The Hanging

William Sparkman Jr., a census worker, was found hanging from a tree in rural Kentucky. He was naked, hands bound, with the letters “FED” written across his chest. Inside the investigation into how – and why – he died.

Thursday, February 21


The Last Man Up

It was a 3-mile footrace. Thousands were in attendance. So how did Michael LeMaitre disappear?


The Armory Show at 100

Lessons from the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art.