Monday, October 28


Safecracking the Brain

What neuroscience is learning from code-breakers and thieves.



The search for the hottest chili.

Sunday, October 27


Lou Reed: A Deaf Mute in a Telephone Booth

The rock critic confronts his favorite musician.


Artist of Light

A profile of Brian Eno as he transitioned into installation art.


What Lies Beneath

Exploring the vast underground world of New York City with three of the people who know it best.


Is Funeral Home Chain SCI's Growth Coming at the Expense of Mourners?

How Service Corporation International corporatized death, driving growth through everything from aggresive acquisitions, volume pricing on caskets and embalming fluid, a “strong flu season,” and pre-selling over $7.5 billion worth of burials.

Saturday, October 26


Playboy Interview: Vladimir Nabokov

The author on Lolita, his work habits, and what he expected from his literary afterlife.


A Tale of Two Drugs

New medicines can cost hundreds of thousands of dolllars a year. Are they worth it? A look at how a pair of pharmaceutical compainies set their prices.


A Game of Shark and Minnow

In the shallow reefs of Ayungin Shoal sits a rusted-out ship manned by eight Filipino soldiers whole sole purpose is to keep China in check.

Friday, October 25



“I shared my plans with no one, not my girlfriend, not my parents, not my closest friends. Nobody knew the route I was taking out of town, where I was going, or my new name. If I got caught, it would be by my own mistakes.” A writer’s attempt to disappear for a month with a $5,000 bounty on his head.


Ground Control to Mr. Meline

After a beloved teacher is murdered by his schizophrenic son, his colleagues and students pay him the ultimate tribute.