Wednesday, May 14


Big Water

The California Dream is made possible by old water and big water. Unfortunately, the former doesn’t care about us, and the latter’s running dry.

Tuesday, May 13


The Long Ride to Riyadh

Taking a taxi across the Saudi desert.


On A Norwegian Tragedy and 2083: A European Declaration of Independence

The writings of Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik are a copy-and-paste hodgepodge of “jeremiads against the scourge of cultural theory, lists of atrocities perpetuated by Muslims, and pages of derision of ‘female sluts,’ but also Wikipedia articles about sugar beet farming and investment tips.”


The Undefeated Champions of Defeat City

A Little League season in Camden, New Jersey, where the murder rate is 17 times the national average.


The Cello Courier

Transporting an instrument after a death in the family.

Monday, May 12



Cory Booker, Chris Christie, and Mark Zuckerberg had a plan to reform Newark’s schools. They got an education.


'The Fight's Over, Joe'

Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali, 20 years after their final fight.

Sunday, May 11


How the Father of Claymation Lost His Company

Will Vinton created the California Raisins, coined the term “claymation” and had a firm making $28 million a year in the late 1990s. By 2002, he was out of a job, replaced by a failed rapper who had gone by the name “Chilly Tee” and also happened to be the son of Nike co-founder Phil Knight.


Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman

An interview with Miley Cyrus.

Previously: Tavi Gevinson on the Longform Podcast.


A Report from Occupied Territory

On police brutality in New York and the race riots of 1964.

Saturday, May 10


The Unmothered

On losing your mom.