Saturday, October 18


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Field Recordings"

Cemetery field recordings reveal terrifying messages.

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The Shadow Life of Jim Irsay

The tragic romance of Jim Irsay, the shrewd owner of the Indianapolis Colts, and Kimberly Wundrum, a mother who shared his longtime addiction to painkillers, that ended with her overdosing in the secret condo he bought her.

Friday, October 17


The Pale Cast of Thought

The writer is reluctantly whisked away to to a small house in upstate New York to attend an ayhuasca ceremony with six strangers.


Modern Medicine Changed the Way We Die, and Not Always for the Better

On what you do and don’t learn in medical school.

Excerpted from Being Mortal.


Abortion: Not Easy, Not Sorry

“I want to tell a different story, the more common yet strangely hidden one, which is that I don’t feel guilty and tortured about my abortion. Or rather, my abortions. There, I said it.”

Thursday, October 16


The Future of the Culture Wars Is Here, and It's Gamergate

How a small group of gamers has been able to “set the terms of debate in a $100 billion industry, even as they send women like Brianna Wu into hiding and show every sign that they intend to keep doing so until all their demands are met.”


Anna Nicole Smith Kind of Made a Pass at Me

Profiling the sleepy reality tv star.


Interview: Johnny Depp

“I have a big cock in my living room.”


Reelin’ in the Years

Reconsidering Virginia Woolf’s novel, Orlando.

Wednesday, October 15


The Long Captivity of Michael Scott Moore

How a surfing writer kidnapped by Somali pirates was freed.

Longform Podcast #113: Wendy MacNaughton

Wendy MacNaughton is a graphic journalist and the co-author of Pen & Ink: Tattoos and the Stories Behind Them.

"We mostly hear stories from big personalities who already have a spotlight on them. I think that everybody carries stories that are just as profound as the ones we hear from celebrities or whoever. I’m interested in the stories of people who don’t usually get to tell them. I think those are sometimes the most interesting."

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