Monday, February 18


Death in Singapore

Authorities say an American electronics engineer committed suicide after working on a project involving a Chinese telecom giant. His family believes he was murdered.

Sunday, February 17


Deep Inside: A Study of 10,000 Porn Stars and Their Careers

Applying big data analysis to Internet Adult Film Database, the IMDB of porn.


It’s 2013, And They’re Burning ‘Witches’

In the highlands of Papua New Guinea, admist a mining boom, the public torture and killing of women accused of sorcery has returned.

Saturday, February 16


Infectious: Tom Dooley

On the 1866 murder of Laura Foster and the subsequent hanging of Tom Dula.


Broken Promise

On the meeting of shaggy-haired American ping pong ace Glenn Cowan and Chinese master Zhuang Zedong (who died this week), and how their fleeting friendship thawed relations between the twon nations during the U.S. team’s historic 1971 tour of China.

Friday, February 15


Cinema Tarantino

The making of Pulp Fiction.


The Plastinarium of Dr. von Hagens

The man behind the Body Worlds exhibit faces his own death.


Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building

A profile of Jordan at 50.


Playboy Interview: Michael Jordan

A conversation with a 29-year-old approaching his apex.


Anatomy of a Heroin Ring

How a Chicago drug organization did business.

Thursday, February 14


His Saving Grace

How Curtis Duffy overcame his parents’ murder-suicide to become one of the nation’s great chefs.


How Crazy Is Too Crazy to Be Executed?

Andre Thomas cut out his children’s hearts and removed his own eyes. Texas considers him sane.