Tuesday, January 27


Longform App Exclusive: "Once Upon a Jihad"

Today we've got another incredible Longform App Exclusive to share, thanks to our friends at Newsweek Insights, who have made their latest book available free only to Longform readers.

Published in the immediate aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo assassinations, "Once Upon a Jihad" examines the question of what drives young people to radical causes. Alex Perry follows a group of young British Muslims, radicalized through contacts made online, and shows how their normal teenage vulnerabilities are exploited with catastrophic consequences. A journey that begins at home with "looking the part" ends in martyrdom in a far away city.

We at Longform have been big fans of Perry's work for years, and we're honored to feature his latest book. To read it in full, for free, download the Longform App today.


Wake No More

Living with hypersomnia, a disorder marked by sleeping dozens of hours straight and still never feeling truly awake.

Monday, January 26


The Season from Hell

Inside Roger Goodell’s troubling (or wildly successful, depending on who you ask) tenure as NFL commissioner.


Your Son is Deceased

Albuquerque has one of the highest rates in the country of fatal shootings by police, and no officer has been indicted.



Cheryl Stearns wanted to become the first woman to skydive 20,000 times. She came up 14 jumps short.

Sunday, January 25


The Billionaire's Bad Dream

Nearing the end of his career, a Canadian tycoon named Michael DeGroote went for one last deal, investing $100 million to build a Las Vegas in the Domincan Republic. His partners? Two brothers with a criminal past, a con man and an old friend with close ties to the mob.


A Gospel According to the Earth

Sown by science, a new eco-faith takes root.


What About Bob?

Long a cult favorite in comedy, Bob Odenkirk has finally found wider recognition—and respect—through a shady character named Saul.

Saturday, January 24


The Cobweb

Can the Internet be archived?


The Guardians Who Slumbereth Not

Mel and Norma Gabler of Longview, Texas, want to tell your children what to learn in school.