Monday, May 13

The Longform Guide to the Brain

Longform Guide to the Brain

Experimental neuroscience, conjoined minds, and everlasting consciousness — a collection of picks on the human brain.


Hollywood Bigfoot: Terrence Malick and the Twenty-Year Hiatus That Wasn't

“The mythical image of Malick that has been built up over the last 30-odd years is, in essence, a creation of the same media corps with whom the filmmaker himself has continually chosen not to engage.”


Laptop U

The possibilities and pitfalls of massive open online courses (MOOCs).

Sunday, May 12


A Mother's Story: The Moon to His Sun

A daughter’s attempt to solve the riddle of her mom.


Review of 50 Brooklyn Murder Cases Ordered

During New York’s ’80s and ’90s crack epedemic, a flashy detective who “imagined himself a crusader who created his own rules” and his star witness, a crack addicted prostitute who seemed to constantly be at the scene of homicides, sent dozens of men to prison for life. Now, they are under investigation.

Saturday, May 11


A Pilot's Son, Flying Solo

A son’s memory of the father he lost at 13, excerpted from The Magical Stranger.


The Depositor Haircut

In Cyprus with those who lost big by simply depositing their savings with Laiki.

Friday, May 10


Subu Must Die

How Georgia halted its drug epidemic, but not its addicts–and what the U.S. might learn from their efforts.


A House Divided

Why the integration of a South African university didn’t last.


Thursday, May 9


Over the Line

An investigation into shootings by U.S. Border Agents that have killed six Mexicans on Mexican soil over the past five years.


Dead Man's Float

He was a hedge-funder with a coke problem. She liked to drink and was thrice-divorced before they got married. When the police arrived, she was clutching his dead body in the shallow end of their pool. She would soon be accused of murder—not by the cops, but her Internet psychic.