Tuesday, June 4


Maxed Out on Everest

On the dangerous glut of visitors looking to conquer Mt. Everest, where there is sometimes a two-hour wait to climb the Hillary Step.

Monday, June 3


The Deep State

A profile of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, prime minister of Turkey.

The Longform Guide to Cocaine

The Longform Guide to Cocaine

A collection of picks on how coke is made, distributed and consumed.


Dear Leader Dreams of Sushi

The odyssey of Kim Jong-il’s personal chef.


Encounters with the Posthuman

On artists using their bodies to blur the line between human and machine.

Sunday, June 2


The Confidence Economy

An interview with T.J. Jackson Lears, historian of the “charlatans and hucksters of the Gilded Age, the cagey, conniving street peddlers of what we’d rather think was a premodern world.”


Arming Syria’s Rebellion

In a Turkish hotel, veterans of the Libyan Revolution meet with their fractured Syrian counterparts to transfer know-how and heavy weaponry.

Saturday, June 1


The Gut-Wrenching Science Behind the World’s Hottest Peppers

A trip to a pepper-eating contest in remote India.


Colum McCann’s Radical Empathy

A profile of the writer.

Plus: An excerpt from McCann's new novel, TransAtlantic. (via Longform Fiction)

Friday, May 31


Women As Bosses

“Some companies are beginning to allow women to take their management-training courses. A woman sitting in on an executive conference is less of a shock to the male than she was only a few years ago. A few big companies–R.C.A., the Home Life Insurance Co., and the New York Central, for example–have even ushered women into the board room.”

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Could California's Salmon Make a Comeback?

A fishery, an economy, and a way of life hang in the balance.