Tuesday, June 10


Sun and Shadows

How the island paradise of Seychelles became a magnet for money launderers and tax dodgers.


Miss American Dream

Britney Spears works Vegas, bitch.


The Fight to Find John Wilkes Booth’s Diary in a Forgotten Subway Tunnel

Possible clues about Lincoln’s murder in the unlikeliest place.


Soccer, Made in America

How coach Jurgen Klinsmann, “soccer’s Alexis de Tocqueville,” is trying to give the US an identity.

Monday, June 9


"Dreams Are for Losers"

The creator of Scandal and Grey's Anatomy offers advice to the Dartmouth class of 2014.


Nashville's Son: The Life and Death of an Indie-Rock Prince

A portrait of Ben Todd, a DIY champion of the emerging music scene in Nashville.



The author remembers his stepfather, E.B. White.


Mr. Ten Percent

A profile of Chuck Blazer, “the man who built — and bilked — American soccer.”

Sunday, June 8


Dr. Nicholas and Mr. Hyde

The fall of billionaire Henry Nicholas, co-founder and CEO of microchip-maker Broadcom, who lost his job and his marriage amidst allegations of drug use, cooking the books, and building a secret party lair beneath the house he shared with family.


Old Terror, New Hearts

A trip to a Louisiana leper colony.

Saturday, June 7


In Love with the Modern World

The early days of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "From Clay"

An American woman's travels and memories of her Russian husband.

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