Friday, February 15


Cinema Tarantino

The making of Pulp Fiction.


The Plastinarium of Dr. von Hagens

The man behind the Body Worlds exhibit faces his own death.


Michael Jordan Has Not Left The Building

A profile of Jordan at 50.


Playboy Interview: Michael Jordan

A conversation with a 29-year-old approaching his apex.


Anatomy of a Heroin Ring

How a Chicago drug organization did business.

Thursday, February 14


His Saving Grace

How Curtis Duffy overcame his parents’ murder-suicide to become one of the nation’s great chefs.


How Crazy Is Too Crazy to Be Executed?

Andre Thomas cut out his children’s hearts and removed his own eyes. Texas considers him sane.


Can the Republicans Be Saved From Obsolescence?

The GOP’s younger generation confronts its future.

Wednesday, February 13


Royal Bodies

On women, monarchy, and breeding.


CIA Operatives, Barrels of Whiskey, and a Biker Named Thor

The story of Thor Holm Hansen—”Norwegian country singer, a former Outlaws motorcycle chieftain, and an ‘ambassador at large’ to a rebel Haitian government”—who claims to be back in Florida to locate his missing daughter.

Longform Podcast #28: Joel Lovell (live)

Joel Lovell, deputy editor of The New York Times Magazine, interviewed live at the University of Pittsburgh.

"I think if you can make a writer feel like it's okay to not know what they're doing—they don't really know exactly what their story is, they're a little lost in their material—that's a fine place to be. If you can sort of talk it through, if you can minimize their anxiety a little bit, then I think you've done most of your job. After that it's just looking at the words and just figuring out which ones work."

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