Friday, February 1


30 Rock Landed on Us

An essay on television and race.


The Transformation of Johnny Spain

The early life of “the onetime Black Panther, protégé of George Jackson, and sole member of the San Quentin Six convicted of murder.”


And the Award for the Next HBO Goes to...

On CEO Reed Hastings and the future of Netflix.


Thursday, January 31


The White Album

Royce White’s theories of mental illness.


The NRA vs. America

The dark money and political power behind the nation’s largest gun group.


Will Brain Injury Lawsuits Doom or Save the NFL?

Meet Gene Locks, the onetime Princeton quarterback suing the NFL on behalf of 4,000 former players.


Hackers in China Attacked The Times for Last 4 Months

The paper reports on a battle of its own.

Wednesday, January 30


Google Invades

Boomtown San Francisco, as seen from the “Google Bus.”

Longform Podcast #26: Jennifer Gonnerman

Jennifer Gonnerman is a contributing editor at New York and contributing writer for Mother Jones.

"How much do we really interact with people who are different from ourselves? We go to work, we go home, we go to a party—I feel like this is a fantastic opportunity to meet peope who are totally and completely different, from totally different worlds, backgrounds, interests, countries. It's almost like a passport to a different world with every story. Once you make that trip and go into someone's home and really listen to them, empathy is not that hard to come by."

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The Old Man and the Tee

A combat veteran trains to be a college football placekicker.