Tuesday, May 20


Secrets of the Stacks

How CREW and MUSTIE decide what books stay in a library's circulation.

Excerpted from The Shelf.


Animal Magnetism

Why humans love to watch other creatures.

Monday, May 19


Inside the US Government's War on Tech Support Scammers

The fall of PCCare247, an Indian company in the business of selling fixes to problems that didn’t exist.


The Longform Guide to Commencement Addresses

David Foster Wallace, Sheryl Sandberg, Jon Stewart — a collection of classic graduation speeches.


The Professor and the Love Slave

The disturbing double life of a popular English teacher.


Rogue Element

How an anti-government militia grew on a U.S. Army base.

Sunday, May 18


Making Up Hollywood

The story of Max Factor, a Polish immigrant who revoltuionized Hollywood cosmetics starting in the 1920s, and his “Beauty Calibrator” machine.


The Dogs of War

On America’s combat canines and their handlers.

Saturday, May 17


Fiction Pick of the Week: "More or Less"

Tensions eat away at a relationship between a musician and his girlfriend.

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The Comfort Zone

Growing up with Charlie Brown.