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Thursday, July 31


Dr. Matthew's Passion

A profile of a doctor fighting Ebola in Uganda.


Fall to Earth

Shirley Dygert had never jumped before. Dave Hartsock jumped for a living. Neither of them knew what to expect when the parachute failed.


How Did Bob Dylan Get So Weird?

“After listening to him since I was a kid and seeing him live for—gulp—nearly 40 years, I think I’m beginning to figure it out.”

Wednesday, July 30


The American Room

Behind the nation’s closed doors, with YouTube.

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Longform Podcast #102: Brin-Jonathan Butler

Brin-Jonathan Butler has written for SB Nation, ESPN, and The New York Times. His new book is A Cuban Boxer’s Journey.

"He smiled at me and just to make small talk, I said, 'You know, you’ve got this gold grill on your teeth. Where did you get that from?' And he said, 'Oh, I just melted my gold medals into my mouth.' And I thought, 'I think I’ve got a story here.'"

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Gold In The Mud

The story of imprisoned boxer James Scott, who contended for the light heavyweight title by staging fights inside Rahway prison.


The Transgender Crucible

CeCe McDonald, a homeless trans teen in Minneapolis, was charged with murder for defending herself. Then she became a folk hero.

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Diary: Guantánamo

Accused of being part of a terror cell at age 12, Gitmo’s youngest prisoner recounts his life

Tuesday, July 29


The Interpreter

Has a remote Amazonian tribe upended our understanding of language?


The NRA's Murder Mystery

Today, Robert Dowlut is the National Rifle Association’s top lawyer. Fifty years ago, he was convicted of murdering a woman with a handgun.