Friday, January 18


Diving Deep into Danger

On commercial diving, the third most deadly profession.

Longform Podcast #24: Stephen Rodrick

In this special episode with Stephen Rodrick, contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine and contributing editor at Men's Journal, Rodrick discusses his recent story "Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie."

"Publicists don't want to give you access because they're afraid of what you're going to see. But if you spend enough time with anybody, short of Mussolini or Ghengis Khan, they're going to humanize themselves. Because they're human beings, like you are. And they have whatever demented battles they're fighting, their version of crazy, but if you get to spend some time with them as flesh and blood, they're going to come across as flesh and blood in the story."

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Theater of Pain

Being injured in the NFL.


Solving Kathy Mabry's Murder

How an overzealous forensic pathologist and his odontologist sidekick put innocent Mississippi residents behind bars – and let killers run free.

Thursday, January 17


Hearts and Minds

How PTSD spreads from returning soldiers to their families.


Edge and the Art Collector

Steven Cohen, troubled founder a $14 billion hedge fund, has an eye for modern art.


Which Way Did the Taliban Go?

As NATO leaves, the Afghan National Army grapples with a resilient Taliban.

Wednesday, January 16


Manti Te’o’s Dead Girlfriend, the Most Heartbreaking and Inspirational Story of the College Football Season, Is a Hoax

The story was told by Sports Illustrated, CBS News, and countless others: linbeacker Manti Te’o, Heisman trophy candidate and the face of Notre Dame football, was playing brilliantly despite the tragic loss of his girlfriend to leukemia early in the season. The reporters missed one key element of Te’o’s story, however: the girl hadn’t died. She couldn’t have. She didn’t exist.


The Last Years of Richard Pryor

In 1980, Richard Pryor doused himself in rum, lit himself, and streaked though the streets or Northridge in a ball of flames. He would go on to live another 25 years.

Longform Podcast #23: Starlee Kine

Starlee Kine is a contributor to This American Life and the New York Times Magazine.

"There's a fearlessness I had when I was younger that I don't have now ... It threw me into a crisis, the Internet in general. You're more cautious about what you kind of have out there. There's that, that I just don't want people to know every single thing anymore, but there's [also] an inner fear that did not exist before, an inner censoring that was not there."

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