Tuesday, March 11


The Infinite Lives of BitTorrent

Despite its association with piracy, BitTorrent is a company in its own right, and one desperate to hit upon a way to monetize its revolutionary file transfer technology.


My Life and Times in Chinese TV

A surprising trip into the propaganda machine.


Arms Wide Open

The battle for Rio de Janeiro’s iconic Cristo Redentor statue.

Monday, March 10


They Came in Through the Bathroom Mirror

A Chicago housing project resident reports intruders breaking into her apartment through a medicine cabinet. Days later, she’s found dead.


The Invention of the AeroPress

A profile of Alan Adler, the guy behind the Aerobie and the beloved AeroPress.


The Reckoning

The Sandy Hook killer’s father tells his story.


Where the Wild Things Go Viral

Inside BuzzFeed’s adorable animal machine.

Sunday, March 9


The Secret of Grey Gardens

A tale of wealth and rebellion in East Hampton.


The 'Boys' in the Bunkhouse

For decades, dozens of men with intellectual disabilities lived in an old schoolhouse and did gruesome work in a turkey plant for subminimum wage. No one noticed.

Saturday, March 8


The Ballad of Daniel Wolfe

On the rise of Indian Posse, the largest of Canada’s native gangs, and the fall of its leader.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Ericka"

A young man's connection with a circle-drawing, perceptive young woman.

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Reaching My Autistic Son Through Disney

How Owen came to communicate again.