Wednesday, December 11


Jesus Raves

New York’s Pastor Parker and his growing string of Liberty Churches, each of which will “adopt the culture of its neighborhood.”

Longform Podcast #72: Andrew Leland

Andrew Leland is an editor at The Believer and hosts The Organist

"I think a good editor has a strong stomach for crazy assholes. Because often crazy assholes are really brilliant great writers."

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Home of the Whopper

Fast-food workers, the minimum wage, and a future served by robot labor.

Tuesday, December 10


There’s a Reason They Call Them ‘Crazy Ants’

A battle against an invasive breed of ants has begun in Texas. It also might be over already.


The Nastiest Injury in Sports

On the history, science, and rise of ACL tears.


Where It Hurts

On director Steve McQueen and his film 12 Years a Slave.


I Spent a Month Living In A Romanian Sexcam Studio

Life on the other side of the laptop.

Monday, December 9


La Gran Fuga

The story of Orlando “El Duque” Hernandez’s flight from Cuba.


Invisible Child: Dasani’s Homeless Life

There are more than 22,000 homeless children in New York, the highest number since the Great Depression. This is one of their stories.


State of Deception

Why Obama won’t rein in the NSA.

Sunday, December 8


Whose Sarin?

Did the Obama Administration ignore evidence that someone other than Assad could be behind the sarin attacks?


The Art of Fiction No. 221: Ursula K. Le Guin

“The ‘hard’–science fiction writers dismiss everything except, well, physics, astronomy, and maybe chemistry. Biology, sociology, anthropology—that’s not science to them, that’s soft stuff. They’re not that interested in what human beings do, really. But I am. I draw on the social sciences a great deal. I get a lot of ideas from them, particularly from anthropology. When I create another planet, another world, with a society on it, I try to hint at the complexity of the society I’m creating, instead of just referring to an empire or something like that.”