Tuesday, November 27


The Internet's Best Terrible Person Goes to Jail

A master troll on trial in New Jersey.


Learning to Accept, and Master, a $110,000 Mechanical Arm

“Suddenly, he had to ask for help with buttons, zippers and shoelaces. And he loathes asking for help.”


Miles from Nowhere

In 1968, the author revisits remote British Columbia, which he traveled two years earlier.

Monday, November 26


The Riddler

A profile of Henry Hook, crossword puzzle master.


The Thing With Feathers

The Ivory-Billed Woodpecker was extinct. Then it wasn’t. The story of an uncertain resurrection.


The Truce on Drugs

In Colorado and beyond, a negotiated surrender in the war on drugs.

Sunday, November 25


The Killing of Gus Hasford

He came home from Vietnam, wrote the novel that became Full Metal Jacket, was nominated for an Oscar and riding high. Then he got thrown in jail for stockpiling stolen library books, started drinking, cut off his friends and fled to a remote Greek island. He never made it back.


On the Lam in Lebanon

The Syrian civil war crosses into Lebanon.

Saturday, November 24


Larry Hagman's Curtain Call

A profile of the late actor.


Time, and the Great Healer

In 1943, a young research scientist found a cure for TB. It should have been the proudest moment of Albert Schatz’s life, but ever since he has watched, helpless, as his mentor got all the credit.


The Other Shooter

The afterlife of 486 frames of Kodachrome II 8mm film shot by Dallas clothing manufacturer Abraham Zapruder.

Friday, November 23



How a woman who couldn’t stop sleeping woke up.