Monday, July 14


The Craigslist Killers

The preacher ran a prostitution ring out of his halfway house. The teenager posed as his nephew and later claimed he feared for his own life. Only one man they drove into the woods would survive.


Welcome to Utopia

On a remote island, a former airline executive and his wife are preparing for the world to end. Others are starting to join them.


Nadine Gordimer: The Art of Fiction No. 77

“I come to America, I go to England, I go to France…nobody’s at risk. They’re afraid of getting cancer, losing a lover, losing their jobs, being insecure. … It’s only in my own country that I find people who voluntarily choose to put everything at risk—in their personal life.”


Rikers: Where Mental Illness Meets Brutality

An investigation into how Rikers Island guards treat the roughly 4,000 inmates who are mentally ill.


Wrong Answer

Why Parks Middle School decided to cheat.

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Sunday, July 13


The Endless Odyssey of Patrick Henry Polk

Navigating the bureaucratic welfare maze while raising a family.

Saturday, July 12


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Selkie Stories Are for Losers"

A woman reels in the wake of her mother’s absence.

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The Voodoo of Lobster Economics

Following a lobster from sea to table.

Friday, July 11


Diary: Burning Man

A turn in the orgy dome, half a hit of German-engineered acid and more adventures on the Playa.


A Deluded German and Three Dead Bodies

In the late 1960s, a German named Günther Hauck disappeared in Brazil. When he emerged, he was calling himself Tatunca Nara and claimed to be the chief of the Ugha Mongulala, an previously unknown Indian tribe. Since then he has lived in the Amazon, his legend growing. Jacques Cousteau hired him as a guide. An Indiana Jones movie was based on his stories. And three people who made pilgrimages to see him never came home.