Monday, January 28


Aarushi Talwar Murder: The Inside Story of India’s Most Controversial Trial

Almost five years ago, the author’s 13-year-old niece was murdered in her bedroom in suburban New Delhi. Since then, both of her parents have spent time in jail. Evidence, bungled by police, points to another possible killer. The trial has not yet begun.


Welcome to Free Syria

Meeting the rebel government of an embattled country.


The Operator

A profile of Dr. Oz.


Madam Would-Be Mayor

A profile of Christine Quinn, odds-on favorite to be the next mayor of New York City.

Sunday, January 27


A Prayer Before Dying

Dr. Elisabeth Targ became famous for running scientific experiments that appeared to prove the healing power of faith. Then she got sick and became a test subject herself.


Is It O.K. To Be A Luddite?

On Luddites, “bands of men, organized, masked, anonymous, whose object was to destroy machinery used mostly in the textile industry,” and their literary spawn.

Saturday, January 26


The Book of Coach

On the tortured psyche of former 49ers coach Bill Walsh and how it led to Finding the Winning Edge, his 550-page guide to the game that has become the football’s bible.


James Bond and the Killer Bag Lady

In November 1985, a woman who appeared to be a homeless drifter staked out the offices of 80-year-old banker Nicholas Deak, waited until he returned from lunch, then executed Deak and his secretary. As police wrestled her to the floor, she said “Don’t hurt me. He told me I could carry the gun.”

Friday, January 25


Memory to Myth

The life and work of Aaron Swartz, in context.


A Vanished Life

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a 30-year-old woman loses most of her memory.


Jailed for Success

Why Iran punished two leading AIDS doctors.


Sharecroppers of the Sea

Catch shares are touted by the government and environmental groups as the solution to overfishing. But for a new generation under the system, the economics consist mainly of "absentee landlords, brokers and bankers, [and] fish quota that costs more than your house."