Saturday, July 12


The Voodoo of Lobster Economics

Following a lobster from sea to table.

Friday, July 11


Diary: Burning Man

A turn in the orgy dome, half a hit of German-engineered acid and more adventures on the Playa.


A Deluded German and Three Dead Bodies

In the late 1960s, a German named Günther Hauck disappeared in Brazil. When he emerged, he was calling himself Tatunca Nara and claimed to be the chief of the Ugha Mongulala, an previously unknown Indian tribe. Since then he has lived in the Amazon, his legend growing. Jacques Cousteau hired him as a guide. An Indiana Jones movie was based on his stories. And three people who made pilgrimages to see him never came home.


Waiting for Dark

On Amir Taaki and Cody Wilson, two anarchists with a history of creating controversial software, and their dream of an economy based on untraceable, uncontrollable money.


Just Undo It

A 2011 profile of LeBron James, originally meant to run in Port, that was killed by Nike.

Thursday, July 10


The Letters That Warren G. Harding’s Family Didn’t Want You to See

The salacious correspondence between the President and his mistress.


The Hunt for Boko Haram

How divisions between Nigeria’s Muslim North and Christian South resulted in the birth of terror’s most ruthless movement.

Excerpted from The Hunt for Boko Haram.


The Fall of the Sleaze King

Dov Charney’s struggle to keep control of American Apparel.


Rise of the Sea Urchin

From Norwegian waters to European plates.

Wednesday, July 9


Longform Podcast #99: John Heilemann

John Heilemann is the managing editor of Bloomberg Politics and the co-author of Game Change and Double Down.

"If you're a writer, and you're not an asshole, you want the maximum number of people to read your stuff. There's nothing wrong with that. There's no great glory in cultivating some niche audience. I do this work because I believe in what I'm doing. I'm not trying to compromise my principles or my standards to get a larger audience. But once I've written the thing of which I feel confident and proud, which I feel is ethically and journalistically sound, I then want the maximum number of people to read it."

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