Friday, November 23


Crush Point

Why people stampede, and what can be done to prevent “crowd disasters.”

Thursday, November 22


The Hard Life of an NFL Long Shot

The story of a rookie clinging to his dream, as told by his uncle.


The Lying Disease

On an affliction for the digital age, “Munchausen by internet.”


Damien Hirst: Jumping the Shark

The market for Hirst’s work is in a tailspin. Why?

Wednesday, November 21


Dr. Nakamats, the Man With 3300 Patents to His Name

A profile of Sir Dr. NakaMats, who claims to have invented over 3,000 things, including the floppy disk and karaoke machine.


Fort Bragg's Deadly Summer

Looking for answers following a mysterious string of slayings and suicides at the base.


The Making of The Chronic

An oral history of the Dr. Dre album.


A Woman Entering a Taxi in the Rain

A profile of photographer Richard Avedon from early in his career.

Tuesday, November 20


The Tunnels of Gaza

Life and death in an underground economy.

Longform Podcast #17: Joshua Davis

Joshua Davis is a contributing editor at Wired and author of the new ebook John McAfee's Last Stand.

"This is a pretty unique situation [for me]. Never has a multimillionaire tech pioneer gone on the lam for a murder and called me from hiding. Yeah, this is a first."

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A Mind Dismembered

On the history of Nigerian penis theft.


In Conversation: Tina Brown

A wide-ranging chat with the magazine editor.