Friday, April 12


Refugees of the Modern World

Life in Green Bank, West Virginia, a town without cell signals and a haven people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (a disease that may or may not exist).

Longform for iPad

Longform for iPad 1.1.5

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The Tainted Kidney

A serial killer attempts to donate an organ.


Kehinde the First

A profile of Kehinde Wiley, a painter who inserts the “brown faces” that have historically been relegated to the background in Western art.

Thursday, April 11


Director's Cut: 'The Man. Amen.'

Charles Pierce’s classic GQ profile of Tiger Woods, annotated.


The Body in Room 348

Solving the mystery of the corpse in the Eleganté Hotel.


"Who's Gonna Get Me A Beer?"

An interview with a blotto Lee Marvin.


When Dickens Met Dostoevsky

An investigation into a scholarly hoax.

Wednesday, April 10


November 24, 1963

On the death of a brother.

Longform Podcast #36: Patrick Symmes

Patrick Symmes is a foreign correspondent and contributor to Outside and Harper's.

"They rolled us up like a cheap carpet. We were locked in a room for 14 hours. And for the first six hours that was okay. Everything was nice; there was coffee. But then the nightshift came on. You could hear gunshots in the street, and these guys were scared. And they were thugs. And they were thugs with a mission: to get rid of every foreigner who might witness what was happening."

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A Wild Country Grows in South Sudan

A portrait of a new nation.


'North Pond Hermit,' Suspect in More than 1,000 Maine Burglaries, Captured

The story of Christopher Knight, who lived in the Maine woods for 27 years with virtually no human contact.