Wednesday, July 9


Ghosts of Greenwood

A reporter encounters the echoes of family and the struggle for civil rights in Mississippi.


Secrets of the Deep

The dispute over what may be the biggest sunken treasure ever found – and who gets to keep it.

Tuesday, July 8


The Loser

A profile of the boxer Floyd Patterson, after a painful loss to Sonny Liston.


Interview: Richard Linklater

“Does your life have a plot? It has characters. There is a narrative. There’s a lot of story, a lot of character. But plot? Eh, no.”


The Organ Detective

A profile of anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes, who has spent her career uncovering a hidden global market in human flesh.

Monday, July 7


Run and Gun

How Javaris Crittenton went from basketball phenom to standing trial on a murder charge.


The Suicide Catcher

There's an angel saving jumpers on an infamous bridge in China.

Previously: Michael Paterniti on the Longform Podcast.


A ‘Band-Aid’ for 800 Children

A profile of Nora Sandigo, guardian to hundreds of kids born in America to illegal immigrants.

Sunday, July 6


The Third Man

A profile of Novak Djokovic.


In NSA Net, Ordinary Web Users Eclipse Legal Targets

In the latest revelation from Edward Snowden, the U.S. government is shown to collect and retain massive amounts of data on nearly 900,000 people with the most minimal of connections to official NSA targets. The collected information tells our “stories of love and heartbreak, illicit sexual liaisons, mental-health crises, political and religious conversions, financial anxieties and disappointed hopes.”

Saturday, July 5


Swamp Nurse

In the bayou south of New Orleans, a program called the Nurse-Family Partnership tries to reverse the life chances for babies born into extreme poverty. Sometimes, it actually succeeds.