Friday, June 8


The Underground Press

On the mid-sixties birth of America’s underground newspaper movement and the rise of The Realist, East Village Other, Berkeley Barb, and more.


Odyssey and the Lost Spanish Treasure

The international battle over 17 tons of coins discovered by an American deep-sea treasure hunting company.


America's Last Prisoner of War

The story of Bowe Bergdahl, a soldier who walked off his base in Afghanistan only to be captured by the Taliban.

Thursday, June 7


10 Timeframes

On the shifting nature of time.


Gay Marriage’s Jewish Pioneer

Meet Faygele ben Miriam, the radical activist “beyond the leading edge” of the same-sex marriage fight.


American Pain: The Largest U.S. Pill Mill's Rise and Fall

The story of Christopher and Jeffrey George, the twin proprietors of a pain clinic empire.


The Long, Fake Life of J.S. Dirr

John Dirr’s son Eli didn’t really have cancer. In fact, neither Eli nor John Dirr ever existed.

A decade-long Internet hoax unravels.

Wednesday, June 6


The Machine-Tooled Happyland

A trip to Disneyland in the mid-1960s.

Previously posted on on January 25th, 2012.

The Library of Utopia

How Google’s utopian/dystopian plan to scan the world’s books failed and the Harvard-led team that’s picking up the pieces.


Prep-School Predators

The Horace Mann School’s secret history of sexual abuse.


Where Amazing Happens

An ode to professional basketball players and why pro ball is the best ball of all.