Wednesday, October 17

Longform Podcast #12: Mina Kimes

Mina Kimes is a writer for Fortune.

"A lot of people have asked me about my attitudes towards capitalism, or Wall Street in general. You know, there are companies on Wall Street that are doing good things, and there are companies on Wall Street that are doing bad things. At Fortune, our job is to look at both, and to explain why. I think in many cases, when it comes to the ones that are doing bad things, it takes people like us and other financial journalists to expose and question them."

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Bill & Hillary Forever

On the Clintons’ political future.


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Tuesday, October 16


Rocket Man

A profile of Jeremy Lin.



An impossible hike in Western China.


The Miracle of Molly

“For every other kid in the room, the science experiment probably amounts to just another classroom activity, but for the Nashes the project is a reminder of Molly’s own fight for life and the controversial cutting-edge medicine that saved her.”


The World's Team

How FC Barcelona became the most successful - and most beloved - club in soccer.

Monday, October 15


An Avenue of Vice

On Queens’ stubbornly unchanging Roosevelt Avenue, where immigrants pay $2 a song to grind against hired dancers and shuttered houses of prostitution have given way to rolling brothel-vans.


The Fate of the Senate Is on This Man

A profile of Montana Senator Jon Tester.


Death of a Giant

Stalking bluefin tuna, the most valuable wild animal in the world.