Saturday, September 21


Coach Fitz's Management Theory

On the best teacher the writer ever had.

Friday, September 20


The Honey Launderers

On the biggest food fraud in U.S. history.


Use Only as Directed

During the last decade, more than 1,500 Americans died after accidentally taking too much of a drug renowned for its safety: acetaminophen, the active ingredient in Tylenol.


Last Meals

“It’s just like putting gas in a car that don’t have no motor.”


A Big Heart Open to God

An interview with Pope Francis.

Thursday, September 19


Public Enemies

How social media is fueling gang activity in Chicago.


Letter from Selma

A voting rights march, from Selma to the statehouse in Montgomery, Alabama.


An Unwanted Guest

Illness, love and jellyfish.

Wednesday, September 18


Tomato Can Blues

Charlie Rowan was a small-time cage fighter who couldn’t catch a break. He owed money to impatient people and needed to start over. Late one night, he came up with a plan.

Longform Podcast #60: Hamilton Morris

Hamilton Morris is the science editor for Vice and a contributor to Harper's.

"It's a shame that there isn't more of an interdisciplinary approach to a lot of scientific investigations, because often the result is that misinformation is produced. Again, there's misinformation in journalism and there's misinformation in science. And if you combine the best elements of both of those disciplines you can come a little bit closer to the truth. If you want to understand a drug phenomenon, you're going to need to look at it medically, chemically, anthropologically, you need to talk to people, you need to interview people, you need to look at the drug policy, the chemistry, the history—there's a lot of different factors that need to be examined in order to understand even the most simple, minute drug phenomenon. And if you're approaching something purely as a scientist, as an academic, there are huge limitations as to what you can do."

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Blood Spore

What a secret audio tape revealed about the murder of mycologist and magic mushroom pioneer Steven Pollock.