Tuesday, July 16


SF Plane Crash: Responders Turned Chaos Into Hope

With the first on the scene of the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 disaster.

Monday, July 15


Better Living Through Curiosity

A profile of Amar Bose, founder of the Bose Corporation.


The Speaker Is Mute But Not Unintelligible

The durable ineffectiveness of John Boehner.


The Pixar Theory

Making the case that all Pixar movies exist on a cohesive timeline in the same universe dominated by a central theme: the battle between animals, humans and machines.


Operation Easter

The hunt for a secretive network of British men obsessed with accumulating and cataloguing the eggs of rare birds.

Sunday, July 14


Flesh & Blood

The crimes of former NFL star Rae Carruth.

Previously: "The Boy They Couldn't Kill" (Thomas Lake • Sports Illustrated)

The American Cloud

The “naked technological realities” of America’s heartland and how they power a “cosy coastal world of pretend farmers’ markets and happy cows.”

Saturday, July 13


The Murders of Gonzago

On the film The Act of Killing, in which the actual perpetrators of a 1966-1966 Indonesian genocide recreate their own actions for the camera, and what it can tell us about our memories of the Vietnam War.


In Iraq, the Bomb-Detecting Device That Didn't Work, Except to Make Money

How a con man named James McCormick sold $38 million worth of phony bomb-detection devices to Iraqi authorities.

Friday, July 12


Death in the Desert

In early 2012, the bones of a woman and young boy were found near the Arizona-Mexico border. The author investigates who they were and how they died.


Remade in Taiwan

When Manny Ramirez played half a season for the E-DA Rhinos.


Heaven Can't Wait

Attending the Afterlife Awareness Conference.