Wednesday, February 13

Longform Podcast #28: Joel Lovell (live)

Joel Lovell, deputy editor of The New York Times Magazine, interviewed live at the University of Pittsburgh.

"I think if you can make a writer feel like it's okay to not know what they're doing—they don't really know exactly what their story is, they're a little lost in their material—that's a fine place to be. If you can sort of talk it through, if you can minimize their anxiety a little bit, then I think you've done most of your job. After that it's just looking at the words and just figuring out which ones work."

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Welcome to the Malware-Industrial Complex

How governments and private companies have engaged in digital arms trading by building a global black market for ‘zero day’ hacks.


Susan Miller Rising

A profile of the “smart person’s” astrologer, and the people who believe in horopscopes.

Tuesday, February 12


When A 10-Year-Old Kills His Nazi Father, Who's To Blame?

On the case of young Joseph Hall, who was convicted last month of murdering his dad.


Seven Days on the Queen Mary 2

“‘If there’s anything I can do to make your trip more enjoyable, let me know.” He walked away, then he strode back to Cree 15 seconds later and whispered, making eye contact, “Anything.’”

Monday, February 11


The Wonderful and Weird World of Thuzio

Investigating a former NFL star’s new business: renting professional athletes to their biggest fans.


Gratuitous Pictures of Your Grief

On the late singer Judee Sill, the virtual cemetery site Find a Grave, and memorials in the age of the Twitter RIP.


The Final Battles of Pope Benedict XVI

“Fear is running rampant in the Curia, where the mood has rarely been this miserable. It’s as if someone had poked a stick into a beehive. Men wearing purple robes are rushing around, hectically monitoring correspondence. No one trusts anyone anymore, and some even hesitate to communicate by phone.”


Sunk: The Incredible Truth About a Ship That Never Should Have Sailed

How the Bounty, a busted-up replica built in 1960 for the film Mutiny on the Bounty, ended up 100 miles out to sea during the height of Hurricane Sandy.


The Shooter

A profile of the Navy Seal who killed Osama bin Laden and came home to a life in shambles.