Saturday, May 4


Hard Knocks: Shanghai

The NFL attempts to set up a beachhead in China.

Friday, May 3


The Biggest Week in Bourbontown

An 8th-generation Louisvillian on the Kentucky Derby, bourbon and the history of his hometown.


James Baldwin: The Art of Fiction No. 78

“No one works better out of anguish at all; that’s an incredible literary conceit.”

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Mexican Manifesto
Roberto Bolaño • New Yorker
A series of mysterious, dangerous interactions in a Mexican bathhouse.

Sarah Gentile • Vol. 1 Brooklyn
A baby born in New Jersey grows and takes on the characteristics of a headstrong Russian woman.

Stan's Report
Glen Pourciau • AGNI
Tension between two co-workers turns into a complicated game of lies and intentions.

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Deep Inside Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco

Creation of a fast food phenomenon.



Meet Krystal Ryan. She left her abusive husband.

Thursday, May 2


Trasmissions from Camp Trans

The author visits Camp Trans, an annual protest organized after the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival evicted a transsexual woman.


First Do No Harm

How OxyContin permeated one small town.


Our Radical Future: Cults, Utopias and Rebellions of the 1890s

On the holy city of Canudos, and other attempts at better living “by the dispossessed and marginalized the world over.”


The Killings in Kaufman

A legal battle over stolen computer monitors ends one man’s career and the lives of three others.

Wednesday, May 1


The Night New York Avoided a Riot

In the days following Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination, more than 100 cities experienced significant civil disturbance. In New York, everyone expected riots. What happened next.