Tuesday, November 19


Inside the One-Man Intelligence Unit That Exposed the Secrets and Atrocities of Syria's War

A profile of Eliot Higgins, whose blog, Brown Moses, has become required reading at intelligence agencies, human rights organizations, and news outlets around the world.


Shelter From The Storm

The inside story of Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks.


The Truly Paranoid Style in American Politics

A tour of our greatest conspiracy theories.

Monday, November 18


Auto Correct

The long road to Google’s self-driving car.


The Life and Death of Juliano Mer-Khamis

On the assassination of a half-Palestinian, half-Jewish cultural revolutionary.


Doris Lessing: The Art of Fiction No. 102

INTERVIEWER: I imagine that people try to set you up as some sort of guru, whether political or metaphysical.

LESSING: I think people are always looking for gurus. It’s the easiest thing in the world to become a guru. It’s quite terrifying.


To Walk the World, Part One

A writer embarks on a seven-year trek from Africa to Tierra Del Fuego.

Sunday, November 17


Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side

A recent history of ‘bupe’ Suboxone film, which is described as a miracle cure for opiate addiction but flows freely from for-profit clinics to dealers and inmates, sometimes melted into the pages of smuggled Bibles.


Murder, Love & Redemption

In 1985, a lost 22-year-old wrote a letter to a Manson girl-turned-model prisoner, asking for advice on conquering his demons. Then they fell in love.


Q&A With Art Spiegelman, Creator of ‘Maus’

“And the Holocaust trumps art every time.”

Saturday, November 16


The Economics of Infomercials

The $200 billion industry behind the Snuggie.


Like I Was Jesus

The gospel according to nine-year-olds; a missionary group that won the right to evangelize in schools and how children process their message.