Thursday, December 5


Chasing Alexander Supertramp

Twenty years after the world first heard about Christopher McCandless, fans of Into the Wild continue to risk their lives to reach the bus where he died.


23 and You

On recreational genetics, privacy and the new vulnerability of family secrets.


On Smarm

In defense of snark.


A Lost Boy Grows Up

The journey from a Sudanese refugee camp to an Atlanta police academy.

Wednesday, December 4


The Death Dealer

In 2009, three followers of an Oprah-endorsed motivational speaker named James Arthur Ray died in an Arizona sweat lodge. Now, after serving two years in prison for negligent homicide, Ray is trying to get back on the self-help circuit.

Longform Podcast #71: Jason Fagone

Jason Fagone, a contributing editor at Wired and a writer-at-large for Philadelphia, is the author of Ingenious.

"It seemed like all the big guys in American society had let us down, all the elites. And here was a contest that was explicitly looking to the little guy and saying, 'We don't care what you've done before or how much money you have in your pocket. If you solve this problem, you win the money.' There was something so optimistic and hopeful and cool about that to me."

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Susan Cox Is No Longer Here

One woman’s beautiful, strange, and troubling final days.


All the News That’s Fit to Print Out

On the volunteer “Wikipedians” who devote their free time to editing Wikipedia.

Tuesday, December 3


A Death at Tough Mudder

A profile of Avishek Sengupta, who drowned at the Walk the Plank obstacle during an endurance race last year.


Capital STEEZ: King Capital

On the sudden death of an up-and-coming rapper.


A Trip to Japan in Sixteen Minutes

In 1902, a poet attempts to stage the world’s first “perfume concert.”

Monday, December 2


Never Forget

Visiting Cambodia, and a Khmer Rouge prison camp, 30 years after the genocide.