Wednesday, December 19


Restless Genes

How the compulsion to explore is coded in the human genome.

Longform Podcast #21: Eli Sanders

Eli Sanders is an associate editor at The Stranger and the winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for feature writing.

"There was one particular moment in the trial, which I described, where ... there was just not any human ability to be detached from what was happening in front of you, what was being shared. It was so painful, you could not help but cry, and there was no reason to deny that that moment had happened."

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The Doctor, the CIA, and the Blood of Bin Laden

The disappearance of the mysterious “Pakistani asset” that helped the CIA zero in on Bin Laden.



On joy, pleasure and Ecstacy.

Tuesday, December 18


Straight Man's Burden

A Ugandan bill that would threaten homosexuals with imprisonment, or in some cases death, has its roots in the shadowy American evangelical group known as the The Family.


Death in the Pot

A history of food poisoning.


Rape Case Unfolds on Web and Splits City

A rape case in which most of the evidence lies in the archives of Twitter and Instagram divides a football-crazed town of 18,400.


Quiet Doctor, Lavish Insider: A Parallel Life

A nationally respected neurologist feeds secrets to Wall Street.

Monday, December 17


Utopian for Beginners

An amateur linguist loses control of his creation.


The Next Jeremy Lin?

On high school basketball star Chris Tang and the pressures of being the “Great Yellow Hope.”

Sunday, December 16



The life and times of Willie Nelson’s guitar.

Saturday, December 15


The Cat's Meow

A profile of Martin Short.