Friday, November 22


They're Watching You at Work

On using data to hire and fire.

Thursday, November 21


Zepp's Last Stand

Sixty years later, a dishonorably discharged World War I veteran makes one final appeal. The 1980 winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.


Charles Manson Today

Manson at 79: in poor health and walking with a cane, obsessed with Vincent Bugliosi, willing to talk at length with a reporter for the first time in years, and visited every weekend by a 25-year-old woman he calls Star.


A Death in Emergency Room One

How doctors tried, and failed, to save President Kennedy.


Imagining the Post-Antibiotics Future

After 85 years, antibiotics are growing impotent. So what will medicine, agriculture and everyday life look like if we lose these drugs entirely?

Wednesday, November 20


Stuxnet's Secret Twin

A technical explanation of the real program to sabotage Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Longform Podcast #69: Rachel Aviv

Rachel Aviv is a staff writer at The New Yorker.

"If I'm writing about the criminal justice system, I wish I were a lawyer. If I'm writing about psychiatry, I wish I were a psychiatrist. I have often filled out half my application to get a Ph.D in clinical psychology. That is one area where I am constantly on the verge of jumping the fence. But even when I wrote about religion, I thought I wanted to be a priest."

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What It's Like to Fail

How a comedy writer making $300,000 a year ended up homeless.


How Many of Your Memories Are Fake?

How our memories become contaminated by inaccuracies.

Tuesday, November 19


Ghost Cat

On the mountain lions of Los Angeles.


Inside the One-Man Intelligence Unit That Exposed the Secrets and Atrocities of Syria's War

A profile of Eliot Higgins, whose blog, Brown Moses, has become required reading at intelligence agencies, human rights organizations, and news outlets around the world.


Shelter From The Storm

The inside story of Bob Dylan’s Blood On The Tracks.