Monday, November 18


Auto Correct

The long road to Google’s self-driving car.


The Life and Death of Juliano Mer-Khamis

On the assassination of a half-Palestinian, half-Jewish cultural revolutionary.


Doris Lessing: The Art of Fiction No. 102

INTERVIEWER: I imagine that people try to set you up as some sort of guru, whether political or metaphysical.

LESSING: I think people are always looking for gurus. It’s the easiest thing in the world to become a guru. It’s quite terrifying.


To Walk the World, Part One

A writer embarks on a seven-year trek from Africa to Tierra Del Fuego.

Sunday, November 17


Addiction Treatment With a Dark Side

A recent history of ‘bupe’ Suboxone film, which is described as a miracle cure for opiate addiction but flows freely from for-profit clinics to dealers and inmates, sometimes melted into the pages of smuggled Bibles.


Murder, Love & Redemption

In 1985, a lost 22-year-old wrote a letter to a Manson girl-turned-model prisoner, asking for advice on conquering his demons. Then they fell in love.


Q&A With Art Spiegelman, Creator of ‘Maus’

“And the Holocaust trumps art every time.”

Saturday, November 16


The Economics of Infomercials

The $200 billion industry behind the Snuggie.


Like I Was Jesus

The gospel according to nine-year-olds; a missionary group that won the right to evangelize in schools and how children process their message.

Friday, November 15


The Impossible Refugee Boat Lift to Christmas Island

A pair of undercover journalists, a boatload of refugees, 200 miles of ocean and a journey that has claimed more than a thousand lives.


Man vs. Corpse

On art and dead bodies.


For Thrill Seekers, a Bull Run With a Different Hook

How to get Americans to “pay $45 to $75 to run for their lives from 1,500-pound, bad-tempered beasts.”