Monday, November 11


Too Much of Too Little

How living off food stamps is making South Texans obese but leaving them hungry.


Thanksgiving in Mongolia

“Before I put down my phone, I took a picture of my son. I worried that if I didn’t I would never believe he had existed.”

Sunday, November 10


From Here to Paternity

Behind the scenes with Maury.


Lee Harvey Oswald Was My Friend

Returning to Forth Worth after two and a half defection years in the Soviet Union, Lee Harvey Oswald became friends with a Russian emigre family with a son of his age. After Kennedy was shot, they would be called on to translate the Secret Service interrogation of his young Russian wife.


Death at the Summit

The rise and fall of Intrade, the betting market for world events—elections, hurricanes, Academy Awards—and the death of its CEO near the top of Everest.

Saturday, November 9



An unlikely environmentalist exposes the natural gas industry’s leaky infrastructure.


Enemy of the State

A visit to Glenn Greenwald’s house in Rio.

Friday, November 8


The Coach Who Exploded

A profile of former Rutgers basketball coach Mike Rice, who was fired in April after a video of him berating players went viral.


An iPhone Tester Caught in Apple's Supply Chain

Bibek Dhong traveled from Nepal to Malaysia to test cameras for the new iPhone 5. When production ended abruptly, he and his coworkers found themselves stranded for two months without money, food or passports.


The Story Behind Why AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Fired an Employee in Front of 1,000 Coworkers

It mostly had to do with Patch, the executive’s hyperlocal and unprofitable baby.

Thursday, November 7

Longform Podcast #67: Evan Wright

Evan Wright, a two-time National Magazine Award winner, is the author of Generation Kill.

"When people were killed, civilians especially, I realized I was the only person there who would write it down. I was frantic about getting names, and in the book there are a few Arabic names, some of the victims. Not that anyone cares. But I thought, 'At least somewhere there's a record of this.'"

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Brooklyn Brawler

A homegrown boxer sets his sights on the big time.