Tuesday, December 11


Fallen Dean’s Life, Contradictory to Its Grisly End

A prolific fundraiser and dean at St. John’s University, Cecilia Chang was also accused of murdering her husband and had connections to organized crime. Two days after she was convicted of stealing more than $1 million from the schoool, she took her own life.


Portrait of the Artist on Crystal Meth

Is Bryan Saunders a drug-inspired outsider genius, or just in need of intervention?

Monday, December 10


Cockford's Club

On William Cockford and his 1800s gambling hall in London, where much of the British aristocracy lost its fortune.


The Best-Kept Secret in American Journalism is Murray Kempton

“Four mornings a week Murray Kempton, the Huckleberry Finn of American journalism, climbs onto his bicycle and pedals out into the world in search of what may be there. For more than thirty years he has been finding things other writers have not even thought to look for, and he has done so with a compelling humanity that is rare not just in his profession but in the human race as well. I have followed him as he made his regular rounds, and I have eaten at his table, and I am not all that certain that he is not the greatest man I have ever met.”


In Rust Belt, a Teenager’s Climb from Poverty

A profile of 11th-grader Tabitha Rouzzo.


Operation Delirium

The legacy of a secret Cold War program that tested chemical weapons on thousands of American soldiers.

Sunday, December 9


Back to the Grind

A coffee maven—and Frappuccino inventor—attempts a comeback in the cafe business.


The Bandler Method, by Frank Clancy and Heidi Yorkshire

He was the father of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (a school of therapy that some would liken to scientific brainwashing), a guzzler of cocaine, and a highly paid lecturer with fabricated credentials. He was present when a young woman shot herself in Santa Cruz—but did he pull the trigger? A “parable for the New Age.”

Saturday, December 8


The Rise and Fall of Jeremy Hammond: Enemy of the State

On the U.S. government’s pursuit of a legendary hacker.


Signifying Rappers

Inside North Dorcester’s RJam Productions studio, where Nate and Gary Smith churn out rap demos for $500/tape.

Friday, December 7


Megan Phelps-Roper of Westboro Baptist Church: An heir to hate

The next generation of America’s most controversial (and likely most despised) church.


Escape to Alcatraz

On prison tourism.