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Sunday, February 5


The Moral Equivalent to Football

A former first-string tackle considers the green zone as a war zone:

Just as football has evolved in accordance with the evolving business ethic of American society, so has it evolved in accordance with the changing strategic assumptions about war. The development (or rebirth) of the T-formation in football coincided almost exactly with the development of a new era of mobility and speed in warfare best exemplified in the Blitzkrieg tactics of the German armies in Europe in 1939-40. The T-formation soon overwhelmed the “Maginot Line” mentality of traditional football, based as it was on rigid lines and massive concentrations of defensive and offensive power.


"Cut Back To A Wide Shot. Open The Skull": The Faces Of Death Guy Looks Back

A profile of John Alan Schwartz, creator of one of the most notorious movies ever made.

Saturday, February 4


The Last Prisoner

Pavel Galitsky, 100 years old, blogger and Skyper, survivor of 15 years in Stalin’s Siberian Kolyma mines.


The Most Terrible Polar Exploration Ever: Douglas Mawson's Antarctic Journey

A story of endurance in the face of unimaginably brutal conditions.


Wonder Dog

A thirteen-year-old adoptee born in Russia with fetal alcohol syndrome, his golden sheperd Chancer, and the trainer who taught Chancer to bond emotionally with disabled children.

Friday, February 3


The Taming of the Chef

A profile of Gordon Ramsay.


The Doctor Will Sue You Now

Why “Father of Botox” Arnold Klein, whose famous clients once included Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, thinks everyone’s out to get him.


One Town's War on Gay Teens

In Michele Bachmann’s home district evangelicals have pushed anti-gay policies to the school board. After a rash of suicides, teens are fighting back.


Atomic Bread Baking at Home

The history of “‘50s-era market-tested USDA White Pan Loaf No. 1.”

Thursday, February 2


The Corner Man

On the late Angelo Dundee, who trained Muhammad Ali.


How the GOP Is Resegregating the South

On the Republican Party’s successful use of redistricting to “pass draconian anti-immigration laws, end integrated busing, drug-test welfare recipients and curb the ability of death-row inmates to challenge convictions based on racial bias.”