Friday, February 22


Meet the World's Top NBA Gambler

Bob Voulgaris and his math prodigy sidekick attempt to create the perfect betting algorithm.


The Princess and the Trolls

How Adalia Rose, a six-year-old with an early-aging disorder called progeria, became both an Internet celebrity and the target of online vitriol.


When Brain Damage Unlocks the Genius Within

The science of acquired savant syndrome.


The Hanging

William Sparkman Jr., a census worker, was found hanging from a tree in rural Kentucky. He was naked, hands bound, with the letters “FED” written across his chest. Inside the investigation into how – and why – he died.

Thursday, February 21


The Last Man Up

It was a 3-mile footrace. Thousands were in attendance. So how did Michael LeMaitre disappear?


The Armory Show at 100

Lessons from the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art.


Prison and the Poverty Trap

The enduring disadvantage of getting locked up.

Wednesday, February 20


Spirit Guide

Reinventing a once-great whisky distillery in Scotland.

Longform Podcast #29: Matthew Power

Matthew Power is a freelance writer and contributing editor at Harper's.

"The kind of stories I've gotten to do have involved fulfilling my childhood fantasies of having an adventurous life. Even though I don't make a ton of money doing it, I've never felt like I was missing out on something. I haven't worked in an office since a two-week stint as a fact checker at House and Garden magazine in 2001, so that's 12 years, and I haven't starved to death yet."

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Tuesday, February 19


The Cold Arab Spring

Chasing the embers of hedonism in Morocco and Tunisia, as Salafi mobs and new regimes wash over the brothels, beaches, and nightclubs of what used to be the Arab world’s most liberal cities.