Friday, August 17


I'm Dying to Meet You in the Next Life

An essay on Alcor – “the Arizona cryonics company that has put the body of Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer Ted Williams in cryogenic suspension, in the hope he may one day rise again” – and the desire to live forever.

Thursday, August 16


Your Words Against Mine

Life as an elite Scrabble player at the “first-ever four-day, 54-player, 24-match $100,000 Scrabble Superstars Showdown.”


Chicken of the Trees

“The squirrels may take my tomatoes and spit them back, but they would not go unanswered. The time had come to close the circle of life.”


Orchid Fever

The story of John Laroche, which led to Orleans’ The Orchid Thief, and tangentially, the film Adaptation.


In the Shadow of Wounded Knee

How the Oglala Lakota healed from a massacre.

Wednesday, August 15

Longform Podcast #2: Janet Reitman

Janet Reitman is a Rolling Stone contributing editor and author of Inside Scientology.

"I'm very open about the fact that I know nothing ... Every reporter should admit you know nothing, and when you do, there will be people that will take pity on you, and try to teach you. And then you have to be shrewd enough to know who's spinning you, and who is being genuine."

Show Notes »

Penis Rays, Self-Loathing and Psychic Voodoo

Autobiographical cartoonists on truth and lies.


A Shock to the System

On getting a brain implant to slow the progress of Parkinson’s disease.


Obama vs. Poverty

As a young community organizer in Chicago, Barack Obama concluded that to make a real difference, he needed to gain power. A look at how that plan has worked thus far.


A Dot-Com Bust

How the self-proclaimed “inventor of all things streaming” went from dot-com millionaire to crime ring accomplice.

Tuesday, August 14


Capturing the Last Don

How Bernardo Provenzano, “boss of all bosses of the Sicilian Mafia” and fugitive for more than 40 years, got caught.