Tuesday, May 19


Inexplicable Crime

On the psychology of mass killer Anders Behring Breivik.


Judy Blume Knows All Your Secrets

“She has no theories, for example, to explain why she, of all people, felt unburdened by the unspoken rules marking certain subjects off limits for children, or why, for that matter, she has that particular gift, that ability to recall the emotional experiences of adolescence, the confusion, the longing, the rivalries — the memories, in other words, that most of us try to bury as quickly and deeply as we can.”


The Untold Story of ILM

An oral history of Industrial Lights & Magic, which gave birth to Star Wars and countless films, as well as playing a hand in the creation of Photoshop and Pixar.


72-Hour Party People

In an upscale Denver condo, twice-a-month they convened from Thursday to Sunday with 95 percent-pure Shabu.

Monday, May 18


The Gang’s All Here

The Bandidos, Texas’s biggest motorcycle gang, say goodbye to one of their own.


The Incredible Buddha Boy

“A legend is growing in Nepal, where people say a meditating boy hasn’t eaten or drunk in seven months. He barely moves, just sits under a tree, still as a stone. It’s impossible, some say. Is it a miracle? A hoax? Let’s find out.”

George Saunders on the Longform Podcast

Jill Lepore on Longform

From the insanity of U.S. gun law to the history of management consulting, the politics of Planned Parenthood to Wonder Woman’s feminist past — browse our complete archive of articles by Jill Lepore.


To Have and to Hold

Sex, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court.


A Liberator, But Never Free

Dave Wilsey was among the American soldiers who liberated Dachau. The letters he left behind complicate the story.

Sunday, May 17


A Father's Initiative

Paul Gayle wants to raise his daughter, but he needs a job and a home. What he gets is 16 lessons on fatherhood from the Obama administration.


Why Are Palo Alto's Kids Killing Themselves?

How one community is struggling to understand and respond to a cluster of suicides.


They Built It. No One Came.

On two gay men in Pennsylvania who tried, and failed, to build a commune of their own.