Sunday, March 22


The Strange Saga and Dark Secrets of Matt DeHart

The government says Matt DeHart is an online child predator. DeHart—and his parents—say he’s being framed over his knowledge of CIA secrets.


The Two Faces of Paradise

A last-minute trip to Sri Lanka.

Saturday, March 21


Solitude and Leadership

A speech on the value of being alone with your thoughts, delivered to the plebe class at West Point.


How a Michigan Farmer Made $4 Million Smuggling Rare Pez Containers Into the U.S.

“In essence, Pez ordered his economic assassination,” said a fellow Pez dealer.

Friday, March 20


The Meaning of Timothy McVeigh

On corresponding with the Oklahoma City bomber.


Death, Redesigned

A few Silicon Valley executives are experimenting with mortality. “I don’t want death to be such a downer,” says one.


A Fish Tale

Typee, the most popular book Melville published in his lifetime, was his memoir of Polynesia. Most of it was probably made up.

The Brain’s Empathy Gap

Can the insights of neuroscience help us get over our prejudices?

Thursday, March 19


The Science of Near-Death Experiences

Researchers do look into near-death experiences, seeking a verified case of what they call “apparently non-physical veridical perception.”


The Miami Connection

Billionaire Marcelo Claure wants to help David Beckham bring professional soccer to South Florida. He just doesn't want to talk about it.

Available exclusively on Longform thanks to Howler.


The Killer in the Blue Dress

While accused killer Robert Durst was in Galveston, he made a few friends besides Morris Black.