Friday, December 12


An Interview with Dan Savage

Talking with the most read—and most controversial—sex columnnist today.

Thursday, December 11


Welcome to Paradise

The effects of legalized prostitution in Germany.


How The NYPD Is Using Social Media To Put Harlem Teens Behind Bars

How Facebook ‘likes’ landed Jelani Henry in Rikers.


Giving Away "Anatoly Z."

An attempt to destigmatize failed adoptions.


Isis: The Inside Story

An Islamic State senior commander reveals the terror group’s origins.

Wednesday, December 10


The Complete and Chaotic History of Reddit

“Traffic was never the problem. Everything else was.”

Longform Podcast #121: Meghan Daum

Meghan Daum's latest book of essays is The Unspeakable.

“As writers we think, well there has to be closure, there has to be a beginning middle end, the character has to go through a change. And then in life we're supposed to have some sort of arc or aha moment, as if the experience isn't legitimate unless we get something out of it. That's so culturally constructed, as they say. It's so artificial.”

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My Misspent Youth

Life and debt as a young writer in New York.


Livin' Thing: An Oral History of Boogie Nights

The making and near unmaking of Paul Thomas Anderson’s breakout film.


Why No One Remembers the Peacemakers

Why do we honor dead soldiers rather than the fighters who deserted and the activists who demanded peace?


Who Is Zwarte Piet?

A holiday tradition in the Netherlands involving blackface has sparked a debate about race, the legacy of slavery, and the vestiges of colonialism.

Tuesday, December 9