Saturday, November 21


The Doomsday Invention

Will artificial intelligence bring utopia or destruction?

Friday, November 20


An Oral History of the Nerdier Half of Freaks and Geeks

Looking back on the making of Sam, Bill, and Neal.


Women at Work

Interviews with a receptionist, a factory worker, and others about life on the job.

A Longform Reprint excerpted from Working.


Da Art of Storytellin' (A Prequel)

Memories of Outkast and Grandmas and black Southern love.

Thursday, November 19


The Doomsday Scam

Bomb makers—including ISIS—have been on a quest to obtain red mercury, a weapon reputed to be powerful enough to “create the city-flattening blast of a nuclear bomb.” They haven’t found it yet. That might be because it doesn’t exist.


The Murderers Next Door

In a remote corner of Romania, neighbors kill each other over tiny strips of land.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "The Way You Look at Me"

Marriage, infidelity, distance, and communications.


The Asteroid Hunters

It’s highly unlikely that a gigantic space rock will crash through our atmosphere and destroy civilization as we know it. But it’s not impossible either. Which is why a small but growing community of scientists and astronomers are scrambling to spot and destroy dangerous asteroids long before they hit us.

Wednesday, November 18


Landlocked Islanders

Displaced from the Marshall Islands, residents build a new life in Oklahoma.

Longform Podcast #167: Kurt Andersen

Kurt Andersen is the co-founder of Spy Magazine, the author of several books, and the host of Studio 360.

“As a young person, I never thought of myself as a risk-taker. Then I did this risky thing that shouldn't have succeeded, I started this magazine. And it did encourage me to think, ‘Eh, how bad can it be if it fails? Sometimes these long shots work. So fuck it, try it.’”

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“Why Him, Why Me?”

The death of a high school football player and the life that has followed for the kid who made the hit.