Thursday, September 6


The House That Hova Built

An essay on Jay-Z.


Down and Out in a Repurposed Troop Carrier

Writing a “stunt memoir” in the waterpark capital of the world.


Did Barack Obama Save Ohio?

The Buckeye State’s fortunes and the fight for credit.


Bill Clinton: Who Is This Guy?

The governor of Arkansas, profiled.

Wednesday, September 5


Can You Die From A Nightmare?

“It was creepy to wake up violently in the middle of the night. It was creepier when no one could tell me why it was happening.”

Longform Podcast #5: Paul Ford

Paul Ford is a writer and programmer.

"You don't really read a newspaper to preserve journalism, or save great journalism, or to keep the newspaper going. You read it because it gives you a sense of power or control over the environment that you're in, and actually sort of helps you define what your personal territory is, and what the things are that matter for you. As long as products serve that need—as long as books allow you to explore spaces that it's otherwise really hard for you to explore and so on—I think people will continue to read them."

Show Notes »

Rotary Dial

An essay about phone dials and a response to the end of blogging.


Raging Bulls

How Wall Street got addicted to trading at the speed of light.


Interview: Katherine Boo

On the craft of reporting poverty.


My Life with Lance Armstrong

A profile of the cyclist by his former mechanic and assistant.

Tuesday, September 4


Confessions of a Black Mr. Mom

An essay on African-American fatherhood.


Searching For the Godmother of Crime

A profile of Griselda Blanco, aka the “Black Widow,” who pioneered the cocaine trade in New York and Miami.