Friday, February 24


The Journey of Judge Joan Lefkow

What happened after Joan Lefkow’s husband and mother were murdered in her home.


Scott Ritter's Other War

How the former U.N. weapon’s inspector and “loudest and most credible skeptic of the Bush administration’s contention that Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction” ended up embroiled in an Internet sex scandal involving underage girls.


Sixteen-year-old Tara Perry followed her man into crime and madness

Three months before it all started, she'd been a shy sophomore at Aurora Central High School, a member of the soccer and speech teams. Then Randy Miller had come out of prison and back into her world. A 22-year-old former child prostitute and drug dealer, Miller had promised to take her away from a tumultuous and painful home life. But the journey he had in mind led downward, into a terrifying series of home invasions and armed robberies and, finally, a few hours after the King Soopers stickup, to a standoff with state troopers in a small Kansas town.

The Tree of Strife

Two Houston performance artists faux-marry an oak. Controversy ensues about the live installation’s relationship to the gay marriage debate.

Thursday, February 23


Seeing Red

Can Netflix bounce back?


The Conversion

An examination of Mitt Romney’s record on abortion.

Wednesday, February 22


Left Behind

How Yvette Vickers, a B-movie starlet who had appeared in Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman, ended up mummified in her Los Angeles home last year.


The Book of Jobs

What it means to stay true to the Steve Jobs brand.


A Question of Identity

On the “unfair significance” of Jeremy Lin.


Resurrecting The Champ

A newspaper writer’s attempt to solve the mystery of a homeless man who claims to be a once-famous boxer.

Tuesday, February 21


Mother’s Boys

In court and visiting prison with the parents of young Russian Nationalists who’ve killed.


Cable: A Caucasus Wedding

The lavish display and heavy drinking concealed the deadly serious North Caucasus politics of land, ethnicity, clan, and alliance.

In a cable brought to light by Wikileaks, the Ambassador to Russia describes a raucous three-day Dagestani wedding attended by Chechnya’s president Ramzan Kadyrov.