Wednesday, April 18


Greening the Ghetto

A profile of environmental activist Van Jones.


How the New York Film Academy Discovered Gold in the Developing World

On the trade school’s business model and its founder, a former movie producer named Jerry Sherlock.


The Golden Touch

Attending the two-day-long “Crap$ 101” course, where aspiring craps players learn the Golden Touch system of betting, visualize dice tosses, and pursue the elusive “controlled throw.”

Tuesday, April 17


The Sordid Secrets of Babylon

An interview with the experimental filmmaker and Hollywood chronicler Kenneth Anger, 85.


Who Was Cowboy Neal?

Neal punctuated Jack’s riffing with his “yesses” and “that’s rights,” head bobbing on his neck like a novice prizefighter’s. After four years of New York nihilism and intellection, Neal – wiping Jack’s face with his handkerchief – Neal – who looked so much like Jack himself, an athlete like Jack – celebrated lover of women and sharer of Allen’s passionate dark soul – finally the long-lost brother who said, “Go ahead, everything you do is great” – “a Western kinsmen of the sun” – “a wild yea-saying over-burst of American joy.”

The life and myth of Neal Cassady, Beat companion and muse for Kesey, Wolfe, Kerouac, Ginsberg, The Grateful Dead and more.


Truth or Consequences

The story behind the story that ended Dan Rather’s career.


How Do You Explain Gene Weingarten?

A profile of the eccentric Gene Weingarten, the only person to twice win the Pulitzer for feature writing.

Monday, April 16


The Bravest Woman in Seattle

She survived an evil, gruesome attack. Her partner did not. An account of a victim, a widow, telling her story on the witness stand.

Update, 4/16/12: This piece was just awarded the 2012 Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing.

The Most Dangerous Gamer

Jonathan Blow is both the video game industry’s most cynical critic and its most ambitious game developer. As he finishes his indescribable game-opus, a trip inside the head of a videogame auteur.

The Susan Orlean Archive on Longform

The Susan Orlean Archive

From high school gyms in New York to beaches in Hawaii, our favorite stories by the New Yorker writer. Orlean's archive on Longform.


The American Male at Age Ten

A profile of Colin Duffy: fifth-grader, suburban New Jersey resident, ruler of the backyard, player of video games, boy.


That 70’s Show

How group of misfits in Texas including Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings snubbed Nashville and brought the hippies and rednecks together. An oral history of outlaw country.