Monday, April 15


The Martian Chroniclers

A new era in the search for life on Mars.

Sunday, April 14


Lost in the Meritocracy

An overachiever on what he did and didn’t learn at Princeton.


Shane Carruth Will Have Another

A drunken evening with the Primer and Upstream Color director.

Saturday, April 13


I'm For Sale

On balancing creative ambition and financial security.


Resort of Last Resort

On an Indonesian town that serves both as stopping point for those seeking to reach Australia by boat and a hotspot for short term ‘contract marriage,’ which allows Saudi tourists a loophole to engage in Islamic-sanctioned prostitution.

Friday, April 12


David Lee Roth Will Not Go Quietly

A profile of the Van Halen frontman.


Refugees of the Modern World

Life in Green Bank, West Virginia, a town without cell signals and a haven people with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (a disease that may or may not exist).

Longform for iPad

Longform for iPad 1.1.5

A new release of our iPad app is available in the App Store, and it includes a slew of great new magazines to follow: Gizmodo, Grist, McSweeney's, Men's Journal, Narratively, New Statesman, Polygon, Rookie, The Smart Set and the Times Literary Supplement.

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The Tainted Kidney

A serial killer attempts to donate an organ.


Kehinde the First

A profile of Kehinde Wiley, a painter who inserts the “brown faces” that have historically been relegated to the background in Western art.

Thursday, April 11


Director's Cut: 'The Man. Amen.'

Charles Pierce’s classic GQ profile of Tiger Woods, annotated.


The Body in Room 348

Solving the mystery of the corpse in the Eleganté Hotel.