Sunday, June 16


Starchitect Trio: The Men Behind Germany's Building Debacles

An interview with the artchitects responsible for Stuttgart’s train station, Hamburg’s concert house and Berlin’s airport, three projects “currently competing to be seen as the country’s most disastrous.”


The Erotic Antagonism of Gengoroh Tagame

On Japanese writer Gengoroh Tagame, who creates gay manga work “in the artistic tradition of Pasolini, de Sade, Yukio Mishima and Lolita.”

Saturday, June 15


"Weaponize the Media": An Anonymous Rapper's War on Steubenville

What happens when a 26-year-old Kentucky resident decides to investigate a rape case from his computer.


Chemically Burned

The battle over safety at chemical plants amidst the death of a worker.


A Closed Letter to Myself About Thievery, Heckling, and Rape Jokes

The thin, resentful line between comic and audience.

Friday, June 14


Mercenary for Justice

How an informant helped authorities nab a notorious anti-abortion activist.


The Rules of Grieving

A year with a high school support group for boys who have lost a parent.

Thursday, June 13


The Long Con

The intertwined lives of an Oregon rancher and a Indiana fraudster.


The Secret War

How General Keith Alexander, director of the NSA, became the most powerful intelligence officer in U.S. history.