Wednesday, October 24


Writers in Hollywood

On the novelist’s experience in movie-making.

Tuesday, October 23


Nineteen Seventy Three

In the 1970s, Chile was on the verge of developing sophisticated technology to monitor its economy. Then America intervened.


The Smartest Man in America

Profiles of people with genius-level IQs.


Paradise With An Asterisk

“From all appearances, this place is still an earthly paradise. There is just one problem, though you could stare at this palm grove for a lifetime and never see it. The soil under our feet, whitish gray in color with flecks of coral, contains a radioactive isotope called cesium 137.”


For President Obama, a Complex Calculus of Race and Politics

“His seeming ease belies the anxiety and emotion that advisers say he brings to his historic position: pride in what he has accomplished, determination to acquit himself well and intense frustration.”

Monday, October 22


The Glory Days of Jack Kirby and Stan Lee

Life at Marvel Comics in the mid-1960s.

An excerpt from Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.

A Night to Forget

A tragic car crash, its lone survivor, and his reeling town.


Free to Be

Forty years after its release, the story of “Free to Be… You and Me.”


Sunday, October 21


What Might Have Been

A profile of George McGovern.


Opening Night

In the slums adjacent to Mumbai’s airport.

Saturday, October 20


Welcome to the Future Nauseous

Why the future feels frozen in time, as framed by Marshall McLuhan (“We look at the present through a rear-view mirror. We march backwards into the future.”) and William Gibson (“The future is already here; it is just unevenly distributed.”)