Monday, November 21



The Occupy Wall Street origin story.

Sunday, November 20


Our Bella, Ourselves

Because women and girls don’t always kick ass, and neither should our heroines:

Bella Swan, by contrast, is a much more honest though cringe-inducing representation of adolescence. She doesn’t know who she is or what she wants. She’s clumsy, obtuse, and aggravating in her helplessness. She is also entirely internal, almost alienatingly so. One of my favorite passages from the novel New Moon is when Stephenie Meyer inserts a series of blank pages to stand in for the months that pass while Bella mourns — out of any reasonable proportion — Edward’s desertion. Bella, kind of wonderfully, takes her time.


How I Ended Up Leaving Poynter

The Starbucks-fueled saga of how Jim Romenesko, beloved journalism blogger, took an early retirement.


A One-Man Market

A look at Andy Warhol’s enduring popularity and power in the art market.

Warhol’s art was not supposed to be a matter of emotion, introspection or spiritual quest; it was to be an image, pure and simple. “During the 1960s,” he wrote knowingly in 1975, “I think, people forgot what emotions were supposed to be. And I don’t think they’ve ever remembered.”

Saturday, November 19


The Good Bad Son

A profile of Seif Qaddafi.

The Guide to the Making of Movies

The Guide to the Making of Movies

Behind-the-scenes stories from The Godfather, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and one of the phenomenal flops in Hollywood history. At Slate.


LACMA Goes Hollywood with Elvis Mitchell

How the popular and controversial film critic has helped revive the film program at the L.A. County Museum of Art.

Journalists, filmmakers, random people on the street — it seems everyone has an Elvis Mitchell story. Both those who consider themselves Friends of Elvis and those whose relationships with him are sour or worse are happy to dish about him — albeit almost always off the record. Some are afraid of losing current or future jobs in the ever-more-tenuous world of film journalism. Others simply enjoy his admittedly fine company too much to risk losing it.

Friday, November 18


Sponsored Post: "Nature Does Not Knock"

On the Brooklyn nature walk built alongside a sewage treatment plant.


In the Valley of the Shadow of Death

In Guyana directly after the Jonestown massacre with the survivors and the dead.


The Godfather Wars

The battle to make The Godfather pitted director Francis Ford Coppola against producers including Robert Evans, and the production itself against the real life mob.


$5 Chess Game, Best-of-Three, Zuccotti Park

On playing chess and waiting to get arrested.