Friday, August 10


The Last Outlaw

A profile of Merle Haggard.

Thursday, August 9


Cyborg America: inside the strange new world of basement body hackers

“For the first few days after the surgery, it was difficult to separate out my newly implanted sense from the bits of pain and sensation created by the trauma of having the magnet jammed in my finger.”


The Square and the Flair

On Mitt Romney’s top strategist—a steroid-dabbling, screenwriting bon vivant.


Boo-Boos in Paradise

Fact-checking David Brooks.


End of the Line

Suicide-by-subway, and how the dead haunt the living.

Wednesday, August 8

Longform Podcast #1: Matthieu Aikins

Matthieu Aikins, on the eve of a move to Kabul. Aikins is a correspondent for GQ, Harper's and Wired.

"There's no real objective framework for deciding what the value of your life is, versus the value of a story ... Especially when you go to places where people are getting killed for the silliest reasons, and a life is worth so little, you realize you don't necessarily have to value yourself as this, like, precious commodity that can't be risked in any way. And that's just a personal choice, and it's actually a very selfish one, because obviously, if you have loved ones, you're affecting them by making that choice. In any case, it's just a different headspace that you inhabit."

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The Night Beer and Violence Bubbled Over in Cleveland

June 4, 1974: the first and last 10-cent beer night in Cleveland Indians history.


The Fast Supper

On the Calorie Restriction movement, the scientifically-supported belief that the key to a very long life is to eat as little as possible.

Tuesday, August 7


Church Is Wherever You Are

An essay on televangelists and a missing mother.


Snap Goes The Crocodile

Life inside a provincial Russian drug den. Originally appeared in Russky Reporter.


How Apple and Amazon Security Flaws Led to My Epic Hacking

A tech reporter tells the story of his ruined digital life.