Friday, March 2


The Deadliest Place In Mexico

Murder in the Juarez Valley:

A few weeks after Saul Reyes and his family fled Mexico, I drove to an immigrant shelter in downtown El Paso to see him. As the former city secretary of Guadalupe, Saul had once been in charge of recording the births and deaths of everyone in his hometown. He’d taken it upon himself now to collect every single name of those who had died or disappeared in Guadalupe since the killing began in 2008. Through media reports and meetings with the many valley exiles now living in Texas, Saul had compiled a list of the town’s dead and disappeared. Showing me the book, he turned page after page of names. So far he had counted 180 dead, 26 disappeared, and eight unknown bodies dumped in his small town of 3,000 people. “There are a lot more, but these are the ones I’ve been able to collect,” he said. In his careful, spidery script, he had written on one page the names of his six family members.

Thursday, March 1


Online Poker Kings Get Cashed Out

How the Justice Department killed a $2.5 billion industry.


Inside the High Tech Hunt for a Missing Silicon Valley Legend

When computer science legend Jim Gray disappeared, his friends and colleagues – including Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – used every technological tool at their disposal to try to find him.


Whatever Happened to Ted Turner?

The Mouth of the South is leading a relatively quiet life.

Wednesday, February 29


The Malice at the Palace

An oral history of the Pacers/Pistons melee in 2004.


Securitate In All But Name

A Romanian-German novelist on being pursued by Ceaucescu’s secret police.


Luv and War at 30,000 Feet

The story of Southwest Airlines.


Life, With Dementia

On prisoners with Alzheimer’s disease and their incarcerated caretakers.

Tuesday, February 28


A Silicon Valley Tale of Humiliation and Revenge

He was fired from the company he helped create, YouSendIt. Then the cyberattacks started.


Opium's Varied Dreams

"Opium does not deprive you of your senses. It does not make a madman of you. But drink does. See? Who ever heard of a man committing murder when full of hop. Get him full of whiskey and he might kill his father."

A journey into New York’s turn-of-the-century opium dens to find out who gets hooked and why.


Lives of the Saints

Mormonism’s past and present.