Tuesday, February 5


The Panasonic Toughpad Press Conference

“I am not a tech journalist. I have never done this before. I don’t know what’s going on. Like most journalists everywhere, I am hungover.”


Power of Suggestion

Why psychologists love “priming.”

Monday, February 4


Why Americans Hate the Media

An explanation of enduring distaste.


Reincarnation in Exile

The challenges of growing up in the modern world as the reincarnation of a famous Tibetan lama.


A Loaded Gun

The haunted past of Amy Bishop, a University of Alabama neurobiologist who shot six colleagues during a staff meeting.

Sunday, February 3


New Old Libya

In the wake of revolution, Libyans envision their future.


Eternal Hypochondria of the Expanding Mind

On nineteenth century invalidism and how societies have drugged themselves through tough transitions across history.

Saturday, February 2


The Order of the Solar Temple

The bodies in the chalet were found in a secret chamber, arranged radiating out from a point like spokes in a wheel. Some had suffocated, some had been shot. They all were followers of a mysterious prophet, Luc Jouret.


Speak, Memory

On the fallibility of memory.

Friday, February 1


30 Rock Landed on Us

An essay on television and race.


The Transformation of Johnny Spain

The early life of “the onetime Black Panther, protégé of George Jackson, and sole member of the San Quentin Six convicted of murder.”


And the Award for the Next HBO Goes to...

On CEO Reed Hastings and the future of Netflix.