Tuesday, February 21


Anatomy of the Great Adderall Drought

Last Fall, America’s favorite focus drug suddenly went into short supply.

Monday, February 20


The Comedians, The Mob and the American Supperclub

It didn't matter if these clubs were in Cleveland, Portland, Corpus Christi or Baton Rouge—if it was a nightclub, the owners were the Mob. For a good forty years the Mob controlled American show business.

Listening to Books

An essay on audio books.


Party Crasher

A profile of Ron Paul.

Sunday, February 19


Between Roses in Mumbai

The story of a young man on the run in the slum he dreams of escaping.


60 Lives, 30 Kidneys, All Linked

The stories of a record-setting chain of transplants.


How I Killed My Mother

Exploring the relationship between authors and their parents.

It mattered to her that she could have, or might have, been a writer, and perhaps it mattered to me more than I fully understood. She watched my books appear with considerable interest, and wrote me an oddly formal letter about the style of each one, but she was, I knew, also uneasy about my novels. She found them too slow and sad and oddly personal. She was careful not to say too much about this, except once when she felt that I had described her and things which had happened to her too obviously and too openly. That time she said that she might indeed soon write her own book. She made a book sound like a weapon.

Saturday, February 18


The Forgetting Pill Erases Painful Memories Forever

“In the very near future, the act of remembering will become a choice.”


Gone Fishing

A profile of New York chef and fisherman David Pasternack.

Friday, February 17


The Boy Who Played With Fusion

A profile of Taylor Wilson, who achieved nuclear fusion at age 14.


How First Baptist's Robert Jeffress Ordained Himself to Lead America

Before I met Robert Jeffress, I wanted to hate him. Jeffress is the conservative preacher who made national headlines in October, when he called Mormonism a cult. He’s the senior pastor at First Baptist Dallas, the oldest megachurch in America, and I am certainly not a Baptist. He endorsed Rick Perry for president, and I’m definitely no fan of Perry’s. As a matter of fact, Robert Jeffress and I probably disagree on every major political and religious issue. And yet, I really, really like him.