Friday, August 24


Death Takes a Policy

How a Rhode Island lawyer named Joseph Caramadre made millions by exploiting the life insurance industry’s fine print.


When Pets Attack

Encountering a pack of wild dogs in Manhattan.


Let It Fly

A profile of Mo Isom, a former goalie on the LSU women’s soccer team now trying to kick for the football team.

Thursday, August 23


Please Don't Infect Me, I'm Sorry

Sex and status disclosure in the age of Grindr and undetectable HIV-levels.


The Deadly Tin Inside Your Smartphone

Bangka Island, a frequently lethal link in a global electronics supply chain.


Venus and Serena Against the World

The liberation of the Williams sisters.


Fear of a Black President

The false promise and double standard of integration in the Obama era.

Wednesday, August 22


The Woman in 606

The aftermath of a stranger’s death and the puzzle of psychosis.

Longform Podcast #3: David Grann

David Grann is a staff writer at The New Yorker.

"You don't always know all the answers. I think that's what kinda makes life interesting. The thing that makes these stories real, while they are in some ways unfathomable, [is that] there's an uneasiness of certitude. Because there are things that are not always known, there are elements of doubt, and that can be very haunting ... In some of the stories, you get as close as you can to all you know—and then there are parts that elude you."

Show Notes »

From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader

On a former Louisiana preacher who converted to Atheism.


How Lester Bangs Taught Me to Read

The rock critic’s lasting impact.


Brian Eno: A Sandbox In Alphaville

A previously unpublished, 20,000-word interview with Eno.