Wednesday, May 22


Officer Serrano’s Hidden Camera

The battle over stop-and-frisk within the NYPD’s ranks.

Longform Podcast #42: Mat Honan

Mat Honan is a senior writer at Wired.

"[The tech] industry—especially as it relates to a lot the silly apps and the silly websites and the silly shit that we put up with—is ridiculous. It's just such a hype fest, people living off of jargon and nonsense. There are entire conferences devoted to nonsense! ... I like to skewer that stuff, because I don't want to feel responsible for it. I don't want to feel like I'm making someone go out and buy some piece of shit they don't need."

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Unexcited? There May Be a Pill for That.

The pharmaceutical quest to give women a better sex life.

Tuesday, May 21


Slippery Business

The trade in fake olive oil.

The Longform Guide to Elephants

Longform Guide to Elephants

They “speak” through their feet, some can even draw, and at least one has been hung for murder. A collection of picks about pachyderms.


For John Carona, Conflicts and Interests

On the blurry ethical lines in the part-time Texas state legislature, where politicians and CEO’s are one and the same.


The Story of an Eyewitness

A first-hand account of San Francisco in the hours and days after the devastating 1906 earthquake.


This Land Is My Land

In North Georgia, two men feud over a quarter-mile property line.

Monday, May 20


Tantric Sex for Dilettantes

A crash course in Tantra and superficial spirituality.



On the lives of street kids.